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    Hi guys i have an 8 month old mini foxy cross chihuahua... i feed her half a small can of dog food a day she also has biscuits down all the time but it seems like she doesnt put weight on... she is regularly wormed... i also give her raw bones every 2nd to 3rd day... it just seems like she is still hungry after i feed her... Am i feeding her enough???? or should i be feeding her something different???? please help i am used to have bigger dogs and this is my first small dog so i would love some help and advice!!!!

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    I don't leave biscuits down for my dog or she'd be ten tonne tessie.

    But if she's a bit slow to finish her dinner (takes longer than 10 minutes) - if it happened now - I think I'd be taking her for vet check - but the original plan was I'd take the food away and put it out again the next meal time.

    If you read the can and the dry it will give you a guide as a starting point based on the estimated adult weight. And if the dog is desexed, you could probably reduce that by 1/3.

    But now that you've worked something out but you feel she's too skinny (are her ribs and hips sticking out?) you could increase by 10% a week until she starts to fill out.

    Still hungry when you're done feeding is probably good with a dog. Does make training easier too.

    You could try supplementing with a small amount of raw mince. I'm thinking a dessertspoonful as a guess. You could divide a standard mince ration into dessertspoonfuls and freeze.

    You could also try a small amount of sardine - I'm guessing about 1/2 a sardine per day for a tiny dog. I give mine 1.5 sardines a day when I'm using those. She's 22kg and full grown. I like the brunswick sardines in olive oil because I think Canada has similar food rules to us (not like some asian countries) and olive oil is good for dogs and people. Again you'd probably want to freeze the left over serves rather than leave it to stink up the fridge.

    And if you're still worried - talk to a vet. But if you can't see her ribs and hips looking at her - she's probably fine. (pix please).
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    Boil up some pasta and once its cooked cut if up with scissors so its really small then you can add some to every meal. You can chuck it into a container in the fridge and it should keep for about a week!

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    Good nutrition and a balanced diet are essential for your pet’s health. People often ask me what they should feed their dogs. What and when you feed your dog early in life will shape its preferences when it is older. It will also affect its general health. This applies to time of day, odor, texture, and taste and meal temperature. Depending on how old your dog is, you will need to adjust their feeding portion accordingly. Though some dog food formulas have a general guideline that gives you an idea of how much food your dog will need, most only cite your dog’s weight as an influential factor.

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