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    so I have looked around on the forum and am pre sure I will be changing over to a raw diet with a mix of premium kibble ( canadee I think, it is from usa cant remember the name)
    So should I buy raw meat... pet mince from the butcher? a mix from a pet store..... I used to feed my old lab chicken mince or roo mince bones and kibble and never had a skin problem... plenty of other problems( epilepsy being the main, then reoccuring pancriatitis and eventually diabeties)
    do I mix a meat myself? add rice and veg?
    also and this is my main much do I then feed her? she is a 11 wk old lab.... I feel so out of touch

    Oh and the reason I am changing her diet... she has itchy flaky skin but her coat seems greasy....she has been washed in the oatmeal wsh u get from the vet and defleaed. She is a pedagree from a great breeder..... and is fed as recommended on supercoat dry ( I did try her on pal puppy tin as well but it goes through her).... and she poops about 6-7 x a day

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    I make a casserole for my dog and supplement that with a bit of kibble and a lot of treats. The casserole by weight is much cheaper and more nutricious (by ingredient list) than the tinned food you can buy. Kibble I feed is Nutro natural choice, which is made by "Mars" in Australia. They also make a version overseas but they use slightly different ingredients.

    But when I'm buying ingredients, I use the ones for humans not for pets. I never ever let on I'm buying for the dog. For starters you don't have to pay GST on raw ingredients for human food but you do have to pay for pet food. So buying soup bones is better than buying dog bones etc. Also there is not much in the way of safety or care required for prep of pet food. Not like for human food. Pet mince can also contain bones and offal that you may not want to feed - especially if you also cook it first (like me).

    If you look up "BARF" recipes you should come across some good lists of what to get and in what proportions to mix/serve it.

    So Adelaide markets has the best and cheapest supply of raw mince or steak etc, and fruit and veg if that's what you decide to get. You can get roo mince for $5 per kg. Note - some dogs are allergic to that so you need to look out for any adverse reactions (skin rashes?). Otherwise, foodland (especially Romeo's) has beef mince (for people) for around $8 per kg.

    I generally don't feed raw but if I did, I'd be shopping at the markets.

    IF dog is showing skin problems - I'd be avoiding supercoat too. But I would also be considering talking to a vet/dog nutritionist about doing an elimination diet and allergy tests to find out what is triggering the problem.

    No point messing with the diet if she's allergic to beef in the kibble and you feed her raw beef, or it's the wandering dew plant and cape weed (yellow daisy thing) in the garden that is causing the coat problems.

    Nutro make a turkey based kibble which can be good if you're trying to find out what your dog is allergic to.

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    We are feeding the BARF batties, eggs (with shells), sardines in oil, kangaroo mince, chook necks and a marrow bone/roo tail/soup bone. I dont cook any of it, and make sure the mince has some offal. You can also buy grain mixes to mix in from petbarn (and I am sure other places).

    I would look at the BARF sites (I think its "diamond paws" on USA sites).

    The BARF Diet

    The above linc has a section about feeding puppies BARF

    I really like this site also:
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    I feed Raw and have for many years.....I do teach my dogs to be able to cope with dry food, so that they can have that when we travel. I never seem to have any issues changing.

    here is a great book Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs: The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals (9781556439032): Lew Olson: Books
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