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These sites have the american ingredient lists but they do tell you how to interpret them.

This one gives a run down on what's available in Australia.
Dog's Dry Food - Bowhouse - Australia's Award-Winning Store for All Your Dog and Cat Needs

If you're really concerned, you can make your own food up and freeze it.

I find my dog does better on Nutro Natural Choice. Supercoat - she likes but it's a lot like maccas - teenagers like that. And it's a child brand of Nestles which I dislike for ethical reasons. Sigh - no more milo, or uncle tobys oats for me.

Nutro and advance are child brands of Mars super food conglomeration. Yes Mars of Mars Bars fame. My dog used to be on Advance but she kept getting the runs. If you have a dog with a "cast iron" stomach - you have more options than I do.

She gets 50% Nutro and 50% casserole roughly.