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    Hi there..
    I have a Cavalier crossed with a Cocker Spaniel... yes cute would be the understatement..!!
    However he gets blocked glands (we are off to the vet every 6 -8 weeks for a squeeze, not happy about that!! ) ... they suggested I use Royal Canin and have had him on Light 27 ...
    He will only eat this when he's incredibly hunger but other than that he's not interested at all!
    Any suggestions for a good brand dog food that I can feed him??

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    Not sure if it will help the diet or not but when I was feeding my dogs only on kibble they wouldn't touch it most of the time. My solution was to make some quick instant gravy up and pour that over the kibble. They loved it and would devour it all. You don't need to make the gravy strong just something to appeal to the dogs.

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