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    hi guys i need help with my golden retriever he just refuses to eat which is very unusual for Goldies he is twelve months old i have tried every type of food there is but no luck i might say that he is very healthy and eneregetic what should i do next?

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    Well he must be eating something then, unless unwell dogs wont starve thermselves.
    Try heating his food? Give him freash mince mixed with rice & egg warm it slightly & I bet the dog eats it. If he has acces to dry food he may be filling up on that.
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    As CD said, he must be eating. Pretty hard to be healthy and energetic if he doesnt eat at ALL.

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    He could have either stomach or dental issues. I would rule those out first.
    It goes against a dogs natural instincts to starve themself for the sake of it. If you keep changing his food, he will become very picky.
    I would stick too one good quality food(Pedigree is 'good enough'). If he doesn't eat it in half an hour, take it away. Give him fresh food the next day, and repeat the process. After 3 or 4 days, if he is honestly eating nothing and losing weight. Take him to the vet again.
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    As others have said. What are you feeding and how much? Are you free feeding? Treats?
    How's his weight? How long has it been since he has eaten?
    A heathy dog wont starve itself and chopping and changing food makes them fussy.

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