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Thread: Nature's Gift Food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda45 View Post
    What is the general opinion on 4 Legs as dog food? My girls love it, but I was really shocked when the vet told me last week that it's not very good for them.
    I don't have a problem with 4 Legs, Suzie loved it. The pack says that it's "naturally complete and balanced" or something so it can't be that bad. I've also seen many other people online praise it. When it comes to vets and feeding guidelines, you kinda have to take what they say with a grain of salt as you have to remember, they sell their own food and would love for you to have to come in all the time and by the brand that they recommend/sell.

    Suzie's since tried the Lamb with Pasta & Vegies Nature's Gift and loves it more than the Chicken one. Also seems like it has less fat or whatever it was in the Chicken can. She has the happiest look on her face when it's dinner time now. She loves her Nature's Gift.

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    The vet gave us a couple of cans of Royal Canine. It is low fat apparently, but it was soooooo thick and difficult to get out of the can. He told us to heat it in the microwave to make it smell more appetizing. The girls liked it, but they seemed to really have to chew on it. I just can't afford to feed them Royal Canine all the time and I can't say I want to really, based on what I saw. LInda

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    I prefer Nature's Gift, but only if I need a to provide an easy & healthy meal from a tin. Like when travelling or camping.

    Most other brands look & smell like an oily, jelly glue with mushy offal & veg bits.
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    I love feeding my dogs the Nature's Gift kangaroo canned food - so healthy! And I'm not concerned about fat etc, fat is an essential part of any diet. It's grains you should be avoiding.
    I can find 2 varieties of it (chicken and lamb) at my local Coles, but at the bigger shopping centre I can get all varieties. I haven't seen it at my Woolies, Big W or specialty pet shops either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissTeaAddict View Post
    I became interested in Nature's Gift dog food a few weeks ago through people buying it at work, reading online, and the friendly staff sending me a sample of their dry food after I emailed them (which Suzie loved!).

    So I tried Suzie on the Nature's Gift canned food, Chicken with Rice and Vegies flavour and here's my basic review on it so far.

    • I like their ingredients and I feel good knowing that my precious girl isn't eating food packed full of preservatives and other crap.
    • She also can't eat as fast (which would otherwise cause her to have an upset tummy sometimes).
    • She seems to love the taste too!

    • I cut my thumb open on the lid the first time my bad!
    • It must smell great to ants because they've suddenly become more interested in her bowl when it's left outside.
    • And it's a bit harder to serve than Supercoat as in the can it's like a big compressed lump of meat and vegies.
    • I'm also a bit unsure about what appears to be fat condensed around the sides of the can.

    I'll definitely be trying out the other flavours in the future. I'm also looking into getting a bag of the Biogestion5 Dry Food.

    Has anyone else tried/fed Nature's Gift products before?
    It's probably the most healthy canned food Ive come across in the supermarket. Kudos to my dad for purchasing a can as a trial run, dogs loved the taste of it and it's now a rare occurrence where the dogs won't eat the stuff. However they both will not touch the 'Chicken, Oats and Vegetables' one.

    Availability wise, only Wollworths stock a few flavours in my area.

    The family dogs do well on it, no tummy upsets and their stools are of right consistency.

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