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    I read somewhere that bones harden as they dry out and a dog is more likely to break a tooth on an old hardened bone.
    Dogs can eat some disgusting stuff, so I don't think they'll get sick.
    I make a habit of picking up bones every day so I don't forget about them that way I don't have old dried out bones laying around, no doubt I've missed a few here and there, I reckon he has a secret stash or several stashed in shallow holes around the place.

    I had trouble finding a butcher that would sell me the actual brisket which is really cartilage (there is some confusion over the true definition of what a brisket actually is), they all sold me a bit of brisket and most of it was sawn up rib bones which my dog couldn't eat.
    This link has some info on what a brisket is (to me anyway)
    my dog: cuts of meat for dogs to eat

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    if only Rosie knew what to do with a bone!

    she will smell it, lick it, and smell it some more, but never, ever eat one! She will bury it (the only time she will ever 'attempt' to dig a hole, and I do mean 'attempt'!!) with her nose, then I will sepnd the next 5 days putting ointment on her chin where she has rubbed the skin raw using it instead of her paws to cover the bl00dy thing!

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    Brisket is the cartilage area where the ribs join ( as per our Butcher when asked ) We always feed our puppies brisket for that reason. Our Breeder, since the late 60's of newfies has always used brisket for her newfie puppies from very young. I can't comment on small breeds, because I have never owned anything smaller then our working kelpies
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    Frosty did the same thing the first few times I gave her a bone, and then she got the hang of it and then once she was about 6 months old - she started breaking them up and I had to stop giving them to her.

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    Do your dogs actually eat the bones? Nero absolutely loves them and I sometimes give him half a bone (big marrow bones that is, cut in half) but he eats the whole lot! Not only the meaty bit and the marrow but the actual bone is gone within a few hours... I find that a little worrying.

    When he was little we gave him brisket bones but after we had to take him to the vet to remove a particularly sharp piece of bone out of his bum, it's only marrow bones for him. Having said that I'm a bit worried about him eating the whole damn thing and I'm inclined to cut them out completely.
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