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Thread: Does 'breed Specific' Food Work?

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    Default Does 'breed Specific' Food Work?

    Recently I have seen a surge of food that is breed specific, and apparently designed to enhance breed qualities and prevent or fight common problems. I have seen things like food 'formulated for a healthy heart' for CKC Spaniels, or 'joint support' (?) for Dachshunds. The main brand using this is Royal Canin, but I'm sure there are other brands doing this.

    The question is: have you ever used this type of food? Does it work? If you haven't used it, do you believe this could work, or do you think it's just an advertising ploy?

    I've never used it but I think it could work, but perhaps not as extensively as it says in the ads.

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    Not sure....I don't believe in such thing any more.
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    If it works for your dog then it works.
    I believe it's a gimmick.
    It's not bad as a dry, even though I feed part dry I believe dry food is dead food.
    I feed half BARF and occasionally EP dry.

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    Of course they don't! It's the biggest marketing bull*** out there! Same as puppy formulas (which are usually if you check the ingredients carefully not different from "adult" foods, the only difference being size of kibble).

    Just ask yourself which of those foods would you pick if you have a dog that is a mix of mixes and you cannot determine which breeds he's mixed with. Or maybe some smart**se will come up with Mixed breed formula hahaha
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    There's been working dog formulas for ages. I think the idea is to have a food that is higher calorie by weight than other dog foods, but there's no reason you couldn't feed a smaller amount to a lazy dog.

    Same deal as with "diet dog food" - that's lower calorie by weight. But the ultimate rip off for people with no self control when it comes to their dogs. They almost deserve it.

    However I think if you're looking for joint support etc, it's easier to include your own additives like sardines or glucosamine powder.

    I think some of the dog foods are higher or lower calorie/energy by weight depending on their ingredients. And marketing thinks - how can we make money out of this?

    I've never felt the need to use Royal Canin.

    These guys (and another website) think it's bad for your dog. If you read the ingredients, look for "chicken" not "chicken meal" ie some of their products list no muscle meat at all. It's all something "meal" and most of the ingredients are equivalent to sawdust or wheat chaff (chopped straw). No nutritional value for a dog in that. So why would you feed it?
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    All I can say is "what a rip off".

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    I think all breeds of dog have the same nutritional requirements; and some suggesting that to think that different breeds would need different nutrition would be like women and men needing different nutrition.

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    I think that dog’s food pattern should be alternated according to their breed. Since they are different in physical structure their nutritional needs also do vary accordingly. Similarly some breeds need more exercises than others.
    For an example if you consider a Yorkshire dog they tend to have more skin issues since they got a thick coat. So their food should serve this purpose.While Boxer’s food always should support healthy heart and an immune system

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    When I had a Giant Pup I did check the Eagle pack puppy food and compared it to Adult food. It did have less protein which is preferred.
    Their adult food for giants has glucosamine and some additives and presently if i use dry, I use Eagle Pack, wheat free. it is the only dry my adult newfie wheat allergy dog seems to be able to eat and not get hotspots. but we have gone RAW and only in extreme emergencies do we go back to manufactured food.
    I do follow a different feeding regime for my giants. Less protein as a pup, more natural bone and I do use glucosamine, Vit C ( for bone growth), kelp and cold water fish
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    There are differences between the foods.
    As newfsie said Giant Breed food has a lot less protein in it than Small Breed food.
    Regular puppy food usually has more protein and fat content than adult food, which is why giant breeds like Great Danes are fed adult food as puppies or a special giant breed formula.

    But breed specific, like Toy Poodle vs Cavalier food... complete gimmick.

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