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Thread: Amstaff Diet....

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    Default Amstaff Diet....

    Hi guys,

    We are adopting a 12 month old male and a 3 month old female monday and am just wondering what your suggestions are to what we should be feeding them?

    Cheers Aleesha

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    What were you feeding your last dogs?
    Some people swear by feeding a raw diet(which I have considered) but I just feed good quality kibble.
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    My last was the fussiest eater in the world, if it wasn't rib fillet or roast lamb is wasn't good enough

    She wouldn't entertain dry food, biscuits were not good enough. She chewed plenty of bones though and would eat raw chicken necks if in the mood. Raw fish when dad had been fishing. A lot of left overs went in her bowl as she'd eat them.

    I think I made a rod for my own back as when she was young (after we'd moved on from milk) I would make up big soup/casserole dishes with chuck steak, veges, lentils, stock etc and she LOVED that.... so I think that's where it started.

    This time round though I am hoping to feed a good dry food with plenty of raw bones/chicken carcasses and if possible might throw in some pet mince from the local butcher.


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    All of our guys are solely fed on Chicken Frames, Brisket Bones and a BARF mince made by Canine Country. Roughly works out to around $6 a week for an adult Amstaff.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Staffwild View Post
    All of our guys are solely fed on Chicken Frames, Brisket Bones and a BARF mince made by Canine Country. Roughly works out to around $6 a week for an adult Amstaff.....
    Thanks StaffWild,

    That's pretty damn cheap I'd have thought so that works for me. I'm not sure where up here in NQLD I'll find the BARF products but I'll have a damn good look.

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    The key with BARF is not quantity but quality, our adults get a brisket bone 3 mornings a week, BARF mince (around 250g each) 3 evenings a week and the other evenings they have a chicken frame each. That is enough to maintain a good weight on them.

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    Hi Staffwild,

    I have purchased some chicken frames, going to give them a run tomorrow morning. I haven't seen these two eat 'smaller' bones yet so this will be a supervised trial.

    The mince I have got is from the local butcher, next trip I'm going to ask him what he puts in it and if it sounds a bit nasty, might see what he can do up for me. We have a very good relationship as I get most of the meat for my takeaway shop from him.

    Thanks for your help.

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    No worries, if you have any drama's or questions just drop us an email on

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    No worries, will do. They only had the leg bones, with the other little bone attached to it, and a couple of necks, I went through the big bag the butcher threw together and put some whole carcasses in freezer bags and then did up bags of the legs things and necks. They enjoyed them immensely and no dramas, they both chewed very well.

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    Hey guys,

    So we have 'developed' our own raw diet of sorts and I just thought I'd run it past you all and get some thoughts. So far I don't believe the dogs need vegie scraps/slops etc, as I don't see where they fit into a 'natural' dogs diet but anyway someone may have some more info for me on that one, but the research I have done I am much more comfortable with a 'prey' model as opposed to BARF, dogs aren't omnivores as far as I'm concerned.

    Over a week they get:
    One serve of 2 of these per day
    Chicken carcass (they are 250g each)
    Chicken necks (they are portioned out into 250g serves)
    Roo Tail (they are between 300-500g each)
    Lamb Flap (they get half a flap each, I cut it in half myself, which is about 350g each)
    Roo mince (they get a quarter of the block each per serve, the block is 1kg so 250g)
    Chicken Mince (as per roo mince - I only five them 1 bag of this per fortnight)

    I can't decide if pork is good or not... so thoughts please? Research says it's ok but not common.

    Mixed chicken pieces with meat on (only once a fortnight for a treat, legs/thighs/wings etc)

    Twice a week
    Half a tin of Sardines in Spring water each (so for the week they get 1 x 100g tin each)
    Offal (chicken kidney/lamb liver/lamb kidney/chicken liver/heart - 100g each time)
    Whole egg (mixed through food shell and all)
    Natural yoghurt (a good tablespoon)

    They only get Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy as a dry food and they would get about a cup a week each, a bad week maybe 2. I use it sometimes for training and other times they just get a little by itself. Occassionally I'll mix a bit with their sardines if they have been a bit short on their other foods for the day.

    Treats are rawhide knot bones, pig snouts and dehydrated lamb straps but I have just ordered some dehydrated green lip mussels and dehydrated whole fish. For training treats other than the EP Holistic Select I use dehydrated chicken necks (THEY LOVE THESE). The only time they get treats is when training, with the exception of the rawhide bones, they keep them wonderfully occupied if home alone!

    Daily they get the appropriate amount of Vets All Natural Skin Supplement ( Skin & Coat Formula ) This is a new edition just to prop their systems as they wreen't in the greatest of shape when we got them.

    Each day I take out of the freezer the combination of 'foods' from above that give us a total of approx 3% of Boof's weight. Everything I have read about 'feeding raw' says you should give adults 2-4% of their body weight. Boof was a lil porky when we got him so he wasn't getting as much but he's quite nice now and maintaining a lovely 'shape' with ribs I can now feel, maybe not as much as some would like but I can feel them without 'seeing' all of them only the last one or two and he has a lovely waisteline so I'M HAPPY.

    I am now 'monitoring' their intake and will work on the pinch, feel and look tests to maintain a nice healthy weight. So far so good with the combination I am giving them.

    When you put it all down it looks like HEAPS of food but I assure you they never consume more than 1kg of food in a day which is about 3.2% of his body weight and her expected adult weight.

    They get a morning walk of a minimum of 40 minutes most days closer to an hour, now that tuckers them out, LOL! We train for 10 minutes or so when we get back from our walk (which often involves running 50% if the time, since it's the only exercise I get these days). Before I ever leave for work I run them around the backyard for 10-15 minutes to tire them. They get a second walk or another crazy backyard run daily around 3pm ish and another 10min training session. Then they get a play about 8pm ish each night.

    In between times they play together, running around like crazy kids, or they play in their sandpit, digging and carrying on or they splash about in their pool. They have toys they play around with to keep them interested. When they aren't doing any of that, they sleep, so that gives you an idea of their activity levels.

    So now to apologise for the hidiously long post but I felt I had to put it ALL out there so people could give me honest opinions.

    Thank you so much for the time you spent reading this!

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