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    Dogs are omnivores. Yes they can survive solely on meat however they will be missing out on certain vitamins and fibre. The vege slops is meant to resemble the gut content of a sheep so to speak.
    Maybe purchase the book "Give A Dog A Bone" it explains how it all works.

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    Hi Molly,

    We'll have to agree to disagree on the omnivore front as the evidence overwhelmingly supports that dogs are carnivores. This doesn't mean they can't eat fruits and vegetables however their systems are not designed to break them down and most of the nutrients therefore aren't absorbed anyway. This is even the case with pre-processed vegies.

    I was given samples of Vets all Natural Complete Mix from a Holistic Vet who said that the state in which it is presented allows dogs to break down the food better and absorb nutrients from it. She did add though that it's not something they need every day maybe just once or twice a week depending on the dog or maybe not at all. This is to mimic the regularity in which dogs would eat such things in a natural environment. As they often hunt in packs it's rare for ALL the dogs to get a share of the stomach contents and if 'meat n carcass' is plentiful they won't eat dropped fruit or veg anyway.

    The prey model certainly sits better with me and that supports a variety of RMBs, offal and carcasses which I think I have covered.

    I guess I should have been more clear is saying 'is there anything I'm missing from the Prey Model, as I personally believe this is the healthiest way to feed my dogs.

    Please see the brief selection of online references that I have read through that support dogs are carnivores.

    Myths About Raw: Are dogs omnivores?

    Are Dogs Carnivores… or Omnivores?

    Carnivore vs. Omnivore


    Dogs Are Carnivores - The Case Against Carbohydrates in Dog Food

    Why Prey-Model and Not BARF?
    Practical Answers to Practical Questions About Raw

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    Agreed. I am a Dr.Billinghurst fan.
    I guess after watching his seminar and reading his books I feel comfortable adding the veg material to the diet.

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    And at the end of the day that's what it is all about more so I feel, what you and your dogs are comfortable with, just like humans, not one thing will work for them all.

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