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Thread: Different Puppy Foods

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    Default Different Puppy Foods

    I was just wondering if anyone would know of a beef based puppy food? rather then the regular chicken based ones.


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    Most premium dog foods are chicken, lamb, turkey and fish based.
    Super market brands such as Pedigree, Chum and Supercoat for example have beef listed as an ingredient but will also have a bit of everything else.

    Does you pup have allergies?

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    I am not sure, she is scratching/chewing at herself all the time, she doesn't have fleas and she continued to do it the other day after a bath and no exposure to grass.

    My older Staff has an allergy to chicken but we found that out after vet visits and mite scrapping's, so I thought that would be a good first place to start.

    The other day the vet did mention the Staff itch and how the dermatologist she uses cringes when she hears she is having another Staff sent to her, so I am hoping to be able to rule some things out and not get to that point.

    My main worry at the moment is that she will break the skin from all the scratching and biting, I know she is removing hair because I have seen it in her stool.

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    Hey there Mowie,

    good luck with helping solve your itchy dog issue. I recently adopted two rotty x shepherd pups and one has shocking skin. I know that Staffys are really susceptible to skin conditions. So far, with my pup, we have eliminated the possibility of mange mites (in his case, it was a factor, as he had mange from birth). But in my research and talking to the vet, mites show up in only 20% of skin scrapings and dogs can react to the toxins mites carry also. This is the same with flea-bite allergy. We have done a course of ivermectin just to be sure the pup doesn't have an underlying mite problem. The other two common things are contact allergy and food allergy. Contact allergies often have a pattern of irritation and hairloss along the underneath of the dog and sometimes paws, basically where the dog is lying, walking or brushing past something. My vet said that once the dog has a reaction to something, it can become hypersensitive to it, even a plant not on the obvious list, like wandering dew. Also, as mentioned, some dogs just react to types of grass - there is a staffy that comes to our dog park that needs a rinse with water when he goes home after being on the dog park grass. Some dogs react to certain types of chemicals - soap powder on their bedding, what you use to wash their food dishes, plastic bowls over stainless steel. There are also the obvious ones, such as any pesticides or cleaning products you use in the house or yard.

    We have recently fenced off our overgrown vege patch after pulling all the plants out, cut all low hanging branches and fenced off the bottlebrushes, as these were all things he was brushing past.

    The other possiblity is food allergy and any dog can have a reaction to a particular thing. They can also show gut symptoms, such as runny poo, bloating, foul gas, etc. Even just plain, human grade, no preservative beef, chicken, etc. may not agree with a dog. So-called low allergy dry foods based on meat and not meat by-products, may contain a grain that your dog reacts to. For instance, cereal as a filler - dogs are not meant to digest large amounts of things like wheat or corn and this can tax their system. Even a lot of premium dry dog foods contain questionable fillers - things that we wouldn't give our dogs, if we were making up the food from scratch. I'm not saying that nobody should feed them, I have three dogs who do well on a mix of premium and average rate dry food. Just that some dogs have a more sensitive system. However, buying a good quality, raw type of meat. Some dogs are allergic to beef, some to roo, etc. Some react to chicken. Turkey and lamb seem to be less reactive. It is a matter of eliminating one thing at a time and feeding good quality food in the meantime. It can take a while to test each food - I would say four weeks, but your vet would know more. I am going to try putting my pup onto turkey next. He has HG beef (no preservatives), brown rice and a premium dry food. I've eliminated the dry food and the rice as an issue but not the beef - that's next, lol.

    I also add fish oil, probiotics and garlic oil to his food (and all the dogs) as immune support, give him tissue salts and I am about to start him on bush flower essences. At the moment, he is on corticosteroids (terrible for his immune system), as antihistamines stopped working and he was in a really bad way. I am also moving away from the standard washes and going for goats milk shampoo, as I find his skin doesn't cope well with the antibacterial shampoos the vet has given. He is also on oral anitbiotics for the secondary skin infections he gets from scratching and chewing.

    I am also moving away from any dry food, using vitamin and mineral powder (plus raw meaty bones) to give him his other nutrients). I am looking at making my own non-wheat, turkey type things, or looking into a meat dehydrator to make turkey jerky.

    I say all of this to hopefully give you some different ideas and to encourage you to explore all avenues with getting your dog over the skin issues. It's a long road, from what I can gather, but I won't give up, as I know there are few owners out there who would go to the trouble for a rescue mutt. When I look into his big brown eyes, it's all worth it for me, though.

    Good luck and I would love to hear your progress.



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    Thank you for all that information Cathy, I will take it all on board and start putting it into action.

    I am pretty sure it isn't environmental because she has been scratching and chewing since the day I picked her up.

    I feel sad because most of her playtime is spent sitting down scratching.

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    Its a hard road. Cathy has given great advice. It's trying to find the triggers by eliminating certain foods. That's if you are sure it's food allergies.
    Grains and cereals and some proteins can be the main culprits.
    Some do well on sensitive skin dry foods, Eagle Pack Holistic range is good, The Salmon one is good, or the BARF diet. I use the BARF patties as they are pre made.
    It can take 4-6 weeks to see changes in diets. You need the old diet to leave the body and the new diet to kick in.
    What are you feeding her ?and how old is your little one?

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    She is having Puppy Pal tin food and Puppy Pal dry food, both are chicken.

    She was 10 weeks old yesterday.

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    I suggest to go for Pedigree/supercoat available in the market. But remember to buy them from a good store and see all the ingredients used. it will help you to search for some more food stuff for your puppy/dogs.

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    Buying Pedigree/Supercoat from another store will not change the quality of the food.

    I would suggest getting them on a better quality dog food. Pedigree in particular is notorious for causing skin problems. I can't feed it to my dog without causing him an enormous amount of gas and diarrhoea, and he scratches for days after.

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    I agree with silver, my white poodle has sensitive skin and does horribly on pedigree canned.
    The dry he is ok on (not great) but when he was on the canned he chewed his skin until it was red raw and his fur all stained.

    If you want to feed wet/canned there are some good natural products out there. PAL do make a natural variety in their cans if you are dead set on feeding PAL.
    Another brand is Natures Gift, I have had no problems with them, my dogs just weren't too keen on the consistency of it (it's not a gravy type canned, it's more solid) but Brodys skin issue never surfaces when he was on Natures Gift.

    Another one I really like is 4legs, they come in little balls in a plastic container or in a roll version you cut up.

    And finally what I am feeding now is VIP dog roll, never had a problem with it and a $6 roll lasts my 3 dogs about 4 days.

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