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Thread: Different Puppy Foods

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    Ah, I think there is your answer. Well a start anyway.
    So my suggestion would be Eagle Pack puppy, maybe Royal Canine, Pro Plan, Nutro Natural.
    Just some suggestions. I would avoid Hills Science Diet as the first ingredient is corn. And not a fan of Eukanuba or Iams.
    You will pay a lot more but will feed less, if you decide to change, change over slowly and allow 4-6 weeks.

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    Let us know your progress!

    I found my itchy pup didn't do well on SD either, even the sensitive skin one. He does well on Royal Canin Maxi Junior and I like it because it has fish oil and probiotics included. I think this brand has a pretty wide range to cater to various breeds, sizes and so on.

    I think it's really important to look at the ingredients and any decent brand should have meat (not meat by-products) as it's first ingredient and have a minimum of grains. Corn is supposed to be a baddie, as already mentioned, but potentially it could be anything and it is a matter of time to eliminate/pinpoint that thing. You may as well try to avoid preservatives as well and pick raw meat that doesn't have preservative added. You could get lucky and hit on the right combination of things early on, lol.

    I agree that if you have to pay more for the right combo, then it's worth it.

    Being a perfectionist, I will end up making my own dry food in bulk though - it kills me to pay $100 + for $15kg of dog food!


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    I have changed her dry food 2 days now to another brand (still chicken) and the scratching seems to have slowed down, she has stopped chewing at herself and today I have started giving her a different tin food.

    Her bowel movements are looser but I am pretty sure that is just the change in food.

    I will update if anything else happens.

    Thank you for your suggestions everyone I will keep trying things and see what I come up with, I do want to eventually end up making all her food at home like I do for Mowie, but I think she is way too young yet to have my cooking forced upon her.

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    Preparing your own dog food is great. I'm just too lazy to source all the ingredients plus I can't deal with all the offal bits.
    A good book is Give a Dog a Bone and check out some BARF recipes. Never too early to start as long as it's balanced. Remember dogs don't need cooked pasta or rice in their diet it's just a filler and another culprit for allergies.
    Just remember to change food over slowly, be careful with tin food and read the ingredients.

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