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Thread: 11 Month Old Who Wakes Me Up All Night

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    Default 11 Month Old Who Wakes Me Up All Night

    I am totally confused with my pup, she is 11 months old and consistently wakes me about 2/3 times through the night to go out for a poo, she always 'goes' so it is not a false alarm, am i overfeeding her? I have tried leaving the bedroom door open so as not to be woken and as you would expect get up to at least two messes in the laundry. I have also tried feeding her main meal in the morning hoping this would pass through in the day, she spends all day outside but she usually wakes me regardless. I feed 3 cups of puppy Supercoat dry, mixed with a homemade dish of beef and chicken mince cooked with rice and vegies, approx two large handfulls, any suggestions would be very much appreciated. From one very tired Ridgeback owner

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    Our dog is the same.. When he wakes us up the first time we leave him outside for the rest of the night...

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    not sure if I have any real advice but how much does your dog weigh and are using the feeding guide lines on the bag? What size cup are you using? What time do you take her out before bed?
    If there are no health issues the only thing I can think of is that Supercoat is high in grains and you are also adding extra grains with the rice. I think that 3 cups and 2 large handfuls of the mix in one sitting is a lot.
    I volunteer at a shelter and the food we are given is by donation and therefore not of great quality they also have a meat and rice mix added.
    When I arrive in the morning there is poop everywhere.
    If the meal is too high in grains and if you are over feeding the body gets rid of it.
    Maybe try a better quality dry but change over slowly.
    Lets see what others suggest.

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    Perhaps your pup just loves you so much that he wants attention from you ... even at odd hours!!

    But I agree, that is a lot of food, even for a ridgeback. but I might be wrong. The less the food the less the poop. . Additionally .. just as a long shot .. he may have worms, in which case they are causing frequent bowel movements. Have you moved house recently or any big changes? - it could be stress related and he can't settle.

    Let us know!

    Be aware of Cerebellar Abiotrophy

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    I used to feed supercoat but stopped as the sheer volume of poo was scary. I have since heard the same from other owners and breeders. I have even heard the nickname "Supercrap" - not relating to the quality or food performance, but to the amount that comes out the back end...

    Have you tried some raw bones or chicken frames instead of the stew, and cut sown the dry food a little?

    Some premium dog foods create small tidy poos, it is all to do with how much is digested and how much is just excreted. Small poos mean you're getting a large volume of food digested therefore good value. Big poos mean lots of what you're feeding is going straight through.

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