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Thread: Hill's Science Diet or Eagle Pack

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    Default Hill's Science Diet or Eagle Pack

    I am looking at purchasing a good quality dry food for my puppies and was just interested in everyones opinion on which dog food they prefer.
    Hill's Science Diet, Iams, Advance or Eagle Pack?


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    hi bella

    ive got my pup on eagle pack, its fanastic, im not a total expect but i know it has no graines in it... which is good. its very expensive though.... (i brought the holstic higher quality one out of the eagle pack) the holstic is also organic. I have been told by many other dog owners that eagle pack is fanastic and my rocky and rambo love it!
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    I'm going to agree with jess, eagle pack holistic is what I feed all my animals, even the cat who is very fussy with her food. I also put plain yoghurt on the bikkies just to add some probiotics

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    None of them.

    Innova Evo (grain-free and has never been recalled) and Ziwipeak (NZ air-dried meat with supplements) plus Woofy Stew.

    Woofy Stew?

    2.5 to 3kgs of Meat (Your choice)
    1 kg rice
    1 pkt Pasta (No Frills is fine)
    1kg Frozen Mixed Veg. (No Frills is fine)
    1 pkt Pearl Barley

    Bring meat to the boil in about 4 litres water (you might have to add more water), once starting to brown add the other ingredients and stir and simmer until cooked. Allow to cool and freeze in takeaway containers - you'll need a 20 litre pot and about 20 takeaway containers.

    Feed one a night with a cup of Ziwipeak, a cup and a half of Evo and add a raw egg or a pkt of tuna or sardine cat food a couple of times a week each.

    This is ideal for a large dog or pup. I have a GS who is excellent at 17 months, full of energy and with a superb coat.

    Obviously the usual worming, heartworm treatments etc are necessary but this has worked for me, the dog is enormously healthy and it is not expensive.

    My 2 cents worth ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by muttleymcgee View Post
    Woofy Stew
    That's what we give Bailey occasionally. But most of the time he gets a mix of raw mince (chicken, beef, or lamb) and Hills or Advance kibble. With the dry food we soften the biscuits with a little boiling water first, then keep it in the fridge.
    He's a funny doggie though. He won't eat the dry food out of the pack if you put some in his bowl, but he goes nuts for it as a reward when training.

    We have found that the mince/kibble mixture can give him hard dry poos if the ratio favours the kibble. Our vet said that his diet should be 80-90% kibble. It's about 50% with the rest made up of raw bone and raw meat.

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    I think the main thing is that it is food especially for puppies, as they have everything in it for healthy growing bones. I feed my pup Royal canine digest and osteo as he is a healer and I want him grow nice and healthy, without putting on weight. Puppy food is also recommended for pregnant bitches as it gives them all the extra calcium and protein they need.

    I wouldnt feed home cooked food unles I added calcium ect into the diet. But who am I to say what is right and wrong.

    Good quality food also makes the poo easy to pick up, it is smaller and less of an odour, and firm. No messy slop to pick up.

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    I hear and agree with some of what is expressed but with major reservations. The huge jolt that the major recall that many major petfood manufacturers inflicted on pets last year (and also more recently) has destroyed my confidence in large producers because the only reason contaminated produce was used was money - it's cheap.

    In other words their money and profits were more important than my pets' well-being - a common failing with large manufacturers and producers of so-called 'food'.

    I am well into middle age and have survived extraordinarily well (perhaps too well) through home- cooked food whilst avoiding the products of large suppliers of so-called 'food' regardless of their strident and persistent claims of 'healthy'. Likewise the breeder of my GS girl has two Sheps over 16 years old on the home- cooked 'Woofy Stew' diet set out above. (When I contacted her and complained that Cassie wouldn't eat kibbles, her reply was 'Would you?' )

    There is no way I will feed my pets on food produced by any manufacturer responsible for any recall whatsoever, although I agree that some supplements are necessary. However as an example, I will no more feed my pup glucosamine than I would feed my kids and grandkids glucosamine 'in case' they might get arthritis late in life.

    Common sense together with a balanced and appropriate diet is required for both me and my pets. Cassie gets her raw meaty bones very regularly, but I pass. I enjoy a blizzardly cold beer on a hot (and very occasionally a cold) day but Cassie doesn't get to share. As appropriate.

    Google is your friend. Google 'pet food recall', and spend half an hour browsing.
    Here's a start:

    Would you eat that stuff or feed it to your family?
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    Hi go to the eagle pack website and look at their testimonials and FAQ I raised our last litter on Eaglepack and the pups were amazing. Giving mince ect is alright but beef is not good for dogs at all. It is a high allergy food and can cause all types of problems.
    My female dog gets either eagle pack Eukanuba or Hills. She tends to get bored so I do switch brands alot. I do though buy the 15kg bags each time.
    They may look more expensive but quality foods you feed less of so really they work out equal in price

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    i've found with our Bailey that eaglepack has been very good - they offer different flavours lamb, chicken, fish and have puppy/mature dog formulas too. we add mince, raw bones and BARF to his diet so he get's a variety.

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    I was feeding Taya Hills but changed to Eagle Pack Holistic because of their ingredients, use of natural preservatives etc. I find Eagle Pack great. It is expensive but you don't need to feed a lot and Taya is so healthy. Her coat is super shiny (the vet was impressed ) and the grey on her chin is slowly disappearing!!!!

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