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Thread: I Think He's Too Skinny

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    Hey Pugger....did you know that the pug is related to the pei?? Could explain the rolls (and wrinkles) lol.

    I took Noah to the vet last week and got in HEAPS of trouble!! "Where are his ribs Amanda??" said that mean nasty vet....."HE IS SO FAT" said that horrible man!!! *sigh*

    So, although I am a big believer in 2 meals a day for our furkids, I have cut the messiahs meals down. He now has 1/3 cup of diet biccies and a dessert spoon of turkey mince (roo has just as little fat but he won't eat it) each meal. I do feel a bit mean like you as he licks his bowl, but it is for their own good.

    And another thought, Miss Bella is really Miss piggy and worse on her epilepsy meds. On the advise of Hippo, I purchased a slow feed bowl for her and this has made her really work for her food and it seems to last for about 2 mins instead of 2 secs, so perhaps you might consider this for Ollie too?
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    I have one of the bowls for Hamish. They are really good - has slowed him down quite a bit. I want to get one for Yuna as well, but at the time the store only had small ones and I don't think her big muzzle would fit.

    Vets can be so rude We keep getting told the cats are too fat and I've cut back on their food!

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    Pugger he looks great. Not skinny whatsoever. But certainly not fat.

    he's a studmuffin!

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    I agree with all the others

    studly puggy.

    Frosty was getting a bit porky, I couldn't even feel her ribs. She's good now. She seems to weigh about the same though - so I'm thinking fat becoming muscle - she can do agility jumps with no run up from any angle.

    If you've got a set of scales - try those, or use a tape measure.

    I have upped Frosty's food slightly (one tenth) to maintain. I figure she's going to burn more calories in winter anyway, has to keep warm some how. Fortunately for me she likes raw carrot.

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    I'm with everyone else Pugger, Ollie looks great!!

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    Spine visible... NOPE
    Haunch bones sticking out... NOPE

    Nice tuck up... YES
    Actual waist.. YES

    He looks good pugger.

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    Thanks for the compliments, studmuffin appreciates it
    I'll get a couple of those bowls.. great idea!!!

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    He looks great, just like everyone has said.
    Maybe post a photo of him before the weight loss and compare the pictures, might put your mind at rest, i wouldn't go into a vet though trust your own judgement and good on you for coming on here and asking! He looks wonderful and you should be proud!

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    puggerup, When i got fluke he was really skinny,we feed him more than the others but he is still skinny, The vet told us he did not have worms but it is his metabolism...

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