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Thread: Roo in the Morning is a No Go

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    Relatively speaking, if you factor in that roos are allowed to range free throughout their lifetime and are not subjected to long distance transport in cramped conditions. I don't consider any meat to be humane, that's why I'm vegetarian

    But I can't very well inflict that on my dogs so yes, I say compared to supporting the raising and slaughtering of pigs, cows, sheep and especially chickens, I'd rather feed roo. Not exclusively, but as part of their diet the dogs seem to tolerate it no problems. If I can find free-range meat from other sources, I feed them that too.
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    Have fed and still am feeding roo mince every night since i brought Lex home..
    No problems with him, and lex is healthy according to the vet..

    I dont get any after smell tho haha...

    Last time we went out west i was ment to bring Lex home some meat and a tail..
    Like usuall, never got around to it..
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    Ahhh lol yes roo meat can be a bit rich on the ole tumtum for some dogs, untill the gut juices get used to it, and digest it properly.
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    Mine scoff it when son does a kill.

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    Well i have half a cows worth of bones in my freezer now - nice happy cow, lived its life out on my cousins farm, I rather that way then from the butchers, but they only kill one a year, so dont often have bones for me

    They are doing some lamb tomorrow, but I am out of room for bones, so they will give them away to any other dog people who want them
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