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Thread: Raw Chicken???

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    I give my big (50+) kg puppies :-) turkey wings & turkey drumsticks.
    They love them, the Super Butcher quite often has packs @ $2.50 kg - BARGAIN!!!!! Drumsticks are around 600g each, sometimes more.......
    I buy bulk chicken frames & beef brisket bones & also feed them Canine Country Composite White & Red - I give it to them frozen, takes them longer to eat & they seem to enjoy it in the warmer weather :-)
    I mix cooked rice with various vegies & a tin of Mackerel in oil, they have lovely shiny coats that everyone comments on!!
    I also add a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar/Raw Garlic mixture (purchased in a 5L bottle from Rochedale produce) to their 'wet' food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sierra View Post
    My lot all get chicken wings for breakfast. The Min Pins get 1/2 a wing which takes Mischa 10-15 mins to eat, but Cleo is a guts and usually done in a few minutes. Carl gets a whole wing and it can take him anywhere between 5-7 minutes to finish. Never had a problem with the wings but I always supervise their eating, just in case.

    I've worked at a dog rescue for three years where the dogs are fed exclusively on raw chicken necks/wings and beef mince mixed with rice & vegies. Never seen a problem there, either.
    Do you mean cooked beef mince or raw?

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    we're going to try chicken carcasses tomorrow.... will be an interesting feed, I haven't fed them chicken carcasses yet, but the old owner says he did with no problems

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    I have 2 staffies, a 9 y/o and 15 month old. The pup was raised on chicken necks. Currently both of my dogs get a cup of dry food and chicken necks. I also had problems with the pup choking on chicken wings so i have stayed clear of wings. Buying necks from either coles or woolies will cost $3.30-$3.70kg. I have a local butcher that i buy a box of necks from for $15.00, weight is usually 14-16kgs so much cheaper. I split the box into 3 containers and freeze 2 until i need them. A box lasts me about a fortnight.

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    they now LOVE their chicken carcasses, i get a carton from leonards for $10 n get between 24-38, its pot luck really. they get necks occassionally too

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    My dog loved every bone, from head to feet . She's a shihtzu breed, and eat raw bones everyday and turn out fine until these days

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