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Thread: Information Regarding R.A.W. BARF Diet

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    Default Information Regarding R.A.W. BARF Diet

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    this BARF diet... i had read on another site that garlic was as bad as onion, and to not give it at all.. zucchini was bad, and broccoli was good, yet this list has that in the opposite.. tomatoes were on the -do not feed- list i saw..

    this becomes way too confusing - no wonder so many ppl give up and feed canned or pre-prepared crud.

    i didn't really know about BARF as such..... but i have been feeding a mix of cooked rice and veg, (so far, celery, carrot and broccoli) and raw meat (gravy beef or chuck steak) for his main meal, and a little kibble when i give the cats their's cos he -looks- at me so woefully if i don't! (and a chicken neck most days)


    most of the links i looked at from ''Understanding commercial dog foods: What is in our Pet Food?' are not there any more it seems....
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