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Thread: Puppy Treats?

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    Default Puppy Treats?

    Hi Guys,

    Just new here so its really my first post. My wife and i just got ourselves a little beaglier. Fantastic little pup and at 9 wks old seems very clever.

    Can anyone tell me what they use as a treat? Or if they use treats at all?

    Im just thinking of what I can give him on the odd ocassion for a treat or maybe when training him.

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    Just get some puppy treats from the pet shops. I got some liver treats and biscuits for mine from City Farmers. I break the biscuits to 2 so she can chew easier and cut the liver treat to 4 tiny pieces. She loves them.

    Just have to becareful not to over feed the puppy as they may have not gotten use to food differ to their daily diet.

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    Liver Treats are probally best for training your dog. But dont give him to much or your dog can get the runs. If your looking for a healthy treat Hills Science Diet Puppy Treats are really good for them. But if you try a few diffrent types of treats you will soon figure out what your pup likes the best.

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    Like the above posts says, Liver Treats are a great way to reward your dog! All 3 of our dogs love them, but they also love this new treat we have been giving them called "Little Bix" they are these little bones and you can get them in a couple of different flavours like Chicken and Beef, but maybe wait util your pup has all his strong teeth before giving him those
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    I've been using liver treats also....and scooby snax!
    I found in the fridge section at the supermaket...these little balls of meat called Chunkers...I got them to try out for Candy when I do her 10 mins obedience per day...she LOVES them!

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