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Thread: Fussy Dog, Wont Eat Anything! HELP!

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    Default Fussy Dog, Wont Eat Anything! HELP!

    Hi everyone

    Baxter is our new dog we got from the pound. We are having alot of problems geting him to eat. he wont touch any type of canned food, even My Dog. He also wont eat any brand of dog biscuits either.

    So far, the only thing he will eat are bones, and chicken necks, but obviously he cant have just those, as I worry he isnt getting enough food, plus the lack of nutrition content.

    We really dont have alot of spare time to cook him things so Im lost on what to do, he also wont eat the "knob" type of dog food.

    Please help! Still dont know his age but is around 12 months or so

    Many thanx


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    Have you tried the barf diet? It is pretty close to raw feeding, bones and chicken necks are pretty good, just make sure there is plenty of meat on the bones

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    No luck today either. I tried your suggestion dogluver, and I did some research on the net. I went and got a heap of raw meat today, like roo mince, chicken mince and a heap of necks and things and he just looked at it!

    So I tried cooking it and nope, wont touch it.

    Im at a real loss now on what to do. i went to the pet store and they gave my a dry food that apparently is the most palatable for dogs, and even comes with a money back guarentee if he wont eat it, and surprise surprise, he hasnt touched it.

    Is there a hard line approach I can do, this is really worrying me. he also cried today whn doing a poo, with each push he really yelped, so Im guessing he isnt getting enough of the right foods.



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    Hi Laura

    I am a pet food manufacturer of B.A.R.F. in Perth W.A.

    Barf is what he wants, but in a balanced way.

    If you are in Perth reply to get our contact details.

    Kind regards Gerry

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    Hi Gerry,

    Yes please, can I have your contact details so I can arrange to speak with you. Im at a real loss now on what to do. I have spoken to a vet who has advised to keep giving him the good I want him to eat, for example biscuits, then take it away if he doesnt touch it, then keep repeating this.

    Sounds reasonable but in the meantime, baxter isnt getting any nutrients and I dont want to strarve him



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    Can the pound help you with his diet? what did they feed him?

    The other one you could try is:
    Dr Bruce's Vets All Natural - Complete Mix

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    You could also try this, which has been very successful with my fussy eater:

    Natural Range Of Premium Pet-food Products - Ziwipeak - Natural New Zealand Pet Nutrition

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    I also think BARF is exactly the kind of food you are looking for. Dont be scared to try some of the more pricey Dry foods to like science diet, ekanuba or royal canin because they all come with a money back guarantee.

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    I'd skip dry food and go for BARF. First of all, it's the best thing you can ofer to your dog, and secondly, if prepared right contains everything your dog needs.

    If you fed him chicken carcases, there might be a bowel obstruction, or some spiky bit of bone going through when he's passing stool. I wrote about this, but found that some people thought it was stupid. No it is not stupid, it's a fact, and you should ask @pet chef if I am wrong. Chicken bones are fine, but minced and mixed with the rest of raw meat, that's how BARF is prepared isn't it? Chicken necks are fine as they are mostly cartliage anyway. Otherwise, chicken bones (apart from necks, wing tips and feet) can brak into spiky bits and cause serious injuries to your dog's stomach and bowel.

    Try giving your dog a teaspoon of olive oil, his stool will soften (might get runs, but hey, it won't kill him for a day). Or if you see he's having trouble pooping, put a glove on, and oil his rectum. Seriously, I know itsounds disgusting, but you can help him without having to pay a fortune at the vet who'd do the same. As for feeding, set up feeding time, for instance in the morning and in the evening. Offer him food, leave it for 10-15 mins, if he won't eat, put it away. Eventually, he will eat, 'cos no dog would go hungry next to a bowl of meat, trust me.

    Also, I don't know when did you bring him home, but him not eating might be due to confusion in other words he needs time to adjust. When I brought my dog home she didn't eat properly for days. I think it took her about two weeks til she started eating regular meals.
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    Your best bet would be to contact Gerry direct if you havn't already done so.

    As already said as well , keep in mind that pooch is no doubt feeling all kinds of things and will be out of sorts until things become 'normal' and familiar.

    However it does sound as though there may be a blockage in which case a vet visit is the first thing to tick off.
    Also offer him moist oily fish ( sardines) to help things as wll provide some fatty acids , mix an egg into the tin of sardines as well.
    I don't think I'd be feeding anything other than that until the blockage was sorted as you could just be compounding matters inside.

    And also , have you wormed him? He may well need doing twice with a decent wormer in a short amount of time .Being from an unknown his worm burden maybe large which can also cause all sorts of drama in that area.

    Good luck and let us know what the vet says
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