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Thread: Size and Weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Jeez, that Saluki doesn't look like something you can cuddle up too does it Natty!!
    They are very graceful, elegant creatured nevertheless.

    Peta, I know its hard to get weight off an ACD/Blue Heeler. But that comes with owning the breed. Its your responsibility.

    Anne, I need your Pug photos
    Jethro is the biggest sook in the world and would love to spend the day on my lap - but I do agree you have those bones poking into your leg for an hour and it hurts!

    Aussie - Jethro gets two cups of kibble in the morning and 2 cups with 2 cups of chicken mince in the evening as well as a lamb flap or similar every second day - my boy can eat and he still looks like the pic in my sig!

    However I agree you can't generalize about weight, one dog is supposed to look sleek and skinny and another is supposed to look like a tank and then you have the big newfies that look huge but soak the coat and they look quite skinny compared. The best way to go is go to the vet see what he says and go by your dog. I know when Millie is carrying extra weight she doesn't want to run much and just wants to sleep, compared to when she is the right weight she's running and jumping and practically hyperactive!

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    That is one gorgeous pup, Nattylou.

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    Peta, I know its hard to get weight off an ACD/Blue Heeler. But that comes with owning the breed. Its your responsibility
    yeah we know.

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    Its even harder 'cause they don't understand why they have to diet, at least people have a knowledge of what's going on when they are dieting and feeling hungry. My mum's old Golden Retriever came to her old and fat, in fact her previous owners gave her away because she was "fat and ugly" . And it was really hard to diet her, she had the saddest face... Plus was super naughty at stealing extras!

    And no Myf, not my pup... I wish... He's gorgeous though isn't he DA?
    His breed is not in Australia, yet... wait 'till I win lotto and I'll import some!!

    And yep, agree with you Cate and AF - they can make bony lap dogs . But graceful and loving nonetheless.

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    I keep my Mastiffs on the lean side

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    I need to put my Corgi on a diet...

    Any tips?

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