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Thread: Chicken Wings

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    Hey, I'm sorry, but did I ever say NOT to feed wings??? Hello! Can you please read carefully next time before you decide to attack me?


    Hahaha, feet and necks but thats it.. Read your own post you daft women

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    Quote Originally Posted by leo01 View Post
    Hahaha, feet and necks but thats it.. Read your own post you daft women
    I am. And I am quoting it for you, you daft woman:
    I am not against bones in dog's diet, chicken feet (the bottom bit) are fine, wing tips too, cartliage, necks of course are regular in my dogs' diet,

    Errrr.... didn't you say you won't write here again? Good bye then. Stick to it.

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    I feed my dogs raw bones all the time but have heard that you should never feed them to your dog cooked, raw or otherwise. A vet once told me that it can cause all sorts of intestinal problems! I still feed them though but I suppose it is a bit risky. Its all good fun until someone gets hurt (as my mother used to say)

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    My boy gets raw bones, the main one being chicken wings, then necks, and then lamb bones. As said before, never cooked ones.

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