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Thread: How Do You Feed?

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    > My dog is fed a base of dry Pro Plan Performance. It suits him and doesn't cause any adverse reactions that other foods have. I give him a bit more than the recommended amount as that just leaves him a little too thin IMO. (Note all kibble guidelines state their recommendations are a guide only.)

    > He has two meals a day due to susceptibility to bloating. He seems to require less in the morning than his main meal at night.

    > I feed him at roughly the same times each day. Truthfully, that's easier for me to get into a routine! Lol. 8.15am and 8.15pm. I have noticed if I feed him earlier in the night he just isn't hungry enough to finish off his entire bowl.

    > Definately NO constant supply.

    > I do not fast any dog unless there is some strong medical reason for it etc...Hell, I don't fast myself - God forbid, I wouldn't last the day out!

    I feed my dog outside on the back deck. Not for any mess issues as he never seems to drop a bit, but because he eats best when he is not distracted by TV, kid's noises and so forth. The family know when he steps out the back for meals, leave him in peace to eat. He doesn't annoy us at the dinner table, so I feel it works both ways.

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    I know that this thread is old but since the active members on this forum seem to have changed a bit I think this could be helpful to newer members (and me).

    First off, I have a 12 y.o Female Labrador Retriever.

    Do you follow the instructions on the bag of dry food to the letter?
    I think it's a bit excessive honestly, maybe it's just the Coles brand Complete Dry food but it tells me to feed like 6 cups each day (she's already overweight from when she was fed 3 cups a day). I feed her 1 cup with about 250g of wet food (usually Beneful, Supercoat or 4 Legs - Looking to try Nature's Gift soon, both dry food and canned food)

    Do you leave a constant supply of dry food for your dog to nibble at during the day?
    No, i've never known anyone who does this honestly. Being a Labrador, she'd eat the whole bag if you let her and still want more.

    Do you feed your dog his main meal night or morning?
    How many meals a day do you feed your adult dog?
    My dog gets snacks throughout the day (e.g. if i'm having some fruit, i'll give her a small amount) but she gets her main meal at night. So usually she gets fed 1 - 2 times a day and the rest are snacks.

    Do you feed at a regular time?
    Usually around 8 or 9pm as that's when we eat (we're night owls). She doesn't seem to mind. Most times I give her half a cup of dry food with the wet food then give her the remaining half a cup when we put her out to sleep at night (around 1am).

    The other night my bf gave her 2 and a half cups of dry food at night (in addition to half a cup of dry food with her wet food), this is way too much for her to eat in a day, right?

    Where do you feed?
    Outside, under cover, floor height but with a feeding mat under her food bowl and water bucket. That way she can stay outside and do her business straight away.
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    Do you follow the instructions on the bag of dry food to the letter?

    My dogs are fed raw or homemade food. Occasionally they have some dry, but not often as it is mostly a filler. They are fed based on size:

    Carl: 1 chicken drumstick/thigh/carcass (big jaws )
    Mischa: 1/2 chicken wing or one of the 'nibbles'
    Cleo: as above
    Jag: same as Carl, a bit less

    If they start looking porky, we cut food down. However they are exercised a lot for their size, never had any issues with being overweight. Everyone here has a waist

    No dry food left during the day. Mischa is food aggressive and would defend a bowl to her dying breath. Ditto for bones; all meals are supervised unless someone is in a crate with a bone/chew or sick.

    All 4 get 2 meals a day. If for some reason they miss a day of exercise, they get fed once or much less than usual.

    Do you feed your dog his main meal night or morning?
    Do you feed at a regular time?
    Do you fast your dog regularly?

    Split half and half. They are generally fed every twelve hours.
    Usually between 6AM-8AM and 6PM-8PM. In winter they are usually fed by the time it gets dark.

    Kitchen? Outside? Raised surface?
    My parents get up way before me and my sister, and Carl and Mischa are happy to stay in bed as long as I do. Cleo and Jag insist on breakfast as soon as the sun comes up. They are fed outside on the patio. Quick eaters. Carl and Mischa are fed out there later; Carl takes his food under the trampoline and Mischa likes to sunbake in the corner of the yard before she eats. Reptilian...

    At night, Jag eats in the bathroom, Cleo in the shower recess, and Carl and Mischa again eat later and usually share the same bowl, even if I put two down.

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    No I follow my comman sence & dry bits are an added extra here most of their needs are met with raw meats(mince, chunks etc), chicken carcess, wings/necks & other redmeat bones, rice, pasta, porrage & mixed veg, eggs & oil.
    I feed dry bits ablib & have 1 or 2 feeds a day depending on the dogs needs & more for pups & growing dogs.
    I do not raise bowls.
    Dogs all eat together in yard.

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    Do you follow the instructions on the bag of dry food to the letter? I use that as a guide, and feed more or less depending on how much exercise they've done.

    Do you leave a constant supply of dry food for your dog to nibble at during the day?
    If they don't eat all the food they're given and its still there next feeding time, thats all they eat, harsh, I know

    Do you feed your dog his main meal night or morning?
    Night. This gives them the idea they've worked for it.

    How many meals a day do you feed your adult dog?

    Do you feed at a regular time?
    Between 5pm and 9pm.
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    Do you follow the instructions on the bag of dry food to the letter? If it says two cups do you carefully measure out two cups or do you simply judge by eye? Do you alter the recommended amounts based on the weight and activity level of your dog

    I didn't even know there were recommended amounts on the bag. I feed my dogs by sight alone based on how they look (tubby or ribby) and this works well as my dogs seem to stay the same weight. Admitedly it was hard with the small one and took me a bit of adjusting to get her amounts right

    If you feed raw and/or your own home made food do you carefully weigh and measure all ingredients or does it vary from meal to meal? Do you base amounts on your dog's weight or simply judge by eye?

    I occasionally feed raw (used to all the time) and that's done by eye also.

    Do you leave a constant supply of dry food for your dog to nibble at during the day?

    Nope, my dogs are both gannets so the food would all be gone immediately

    How many meals a day do you feed your adult dog?

    Twice, dry in morning and wet in evening, sometimes with a bone thrown out during the day/evening. And also raw eggs and other things are added some nights.

    The whens:
    Do you feed your dog his main meal night or morning? split
    Do you feed at a regular time?Depends whether it is a weekday or weekend. If a week day they get brekky before I go to work at about 7am and in the evenings they get dinner about 6pm and stay out for an hour for poos and wees before coming back inside. In the weekend dinner is at the same time but something brekky is later depending what time I get out of bed, and sometimes they will miss brekky altogether in the weekend
    Do you fast your dog regularly? No, though as above they soemtimes miss brekky in the weekends.

    The Wheres:
    Kitchen? Outside? Raised surface?
    outside where they then remain for an hour to do poos and wees and loll aroun din the late afternoon sun. Although often during winter they eat indoors on the kitchen floor. They also eat together but in separate bowls about 2 metres aprt. They occassionally eat from a third bowl together (quite funny with Barneys head taking up whole bowl and Pippi just squished in the side) if they are having scraps or soemthing

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    No free feeding here.
    7am feed and 6.30 pm feed.
    Feed mainly raw, and EP Holistic Dry when needed. Don't follow guide lines. (They can be useful and most will state that it's only a guide, the supermarket brands will say to feed more as they are full of fillers).
    Fed outside supervised until finished, then left outside for about an hour for toileting.
    Greyhound fed with a raised gutsy bowl,JR fed on the ground in stainless steel bowl.

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