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Thread: Update on Candy's Eating..

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    Default Update on Candy's Eating..

    As some of you would know...when I 1st got Candy...she'd eat everything including stones...she wolfed down her food and treats went straight down unchewed. Chicken necks I swear went down whole too
    She came from a huge first in best fed was all she knew!

    She's now 10.5 months old and her eating ways have done a full 180 turn!

    Now...She always leaves food in her dish for 'later on'.
    We went to Petstock last w/end for a Pupcake eating comp (rspca fundraiser) we all were thinking Candy is going to be the clear winner here..being the largest dog there and her past keeness for food...well....she finnish LAST!!! ..even these little pugalier pups beat her...LOL
    Then thismorning I gave her chicken necks for breaky...I haven't given them to her for a while as I didn't like how she didn't chew them...just swallowed them..but today..OMG, I gave her 5, she took ONE, walked away and ate it ever so politley!!!! Falcon had 2 to her
    Her treats are now taken gently from me and she takes her time enjoying them too.

    I'm soo proud of how well she's doing...

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    Cheers SH
    (big pats for Candy too!)

    As a pup..she was a terrible stone got to the point where I could feel AND hear them in her gut like stones in the botton of a fish tank!!! I had to give her this paste for cats who get hairballs!!!! She pooped it all out and I kept all the stones to show the vet...he was speachless!!!! LOL

    Sooooo glad she's passed all that now

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