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Thread: Problem Diet

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    Question Problem Diet

    hi, my mum has a jack russel (6months old) and feeds it nothing but mince, chicken necks, and adds minerals to the pups water. im very concerned as she refuses to get the pup used to eating anything else, because now thats the only thing she'll eat, thus in her mind shes fine. she also is convinced all bought foods (even premium) will cause her pup more health problems than her mince/bone diet.
    im concerned as obviously the pups health, immune system and development may be impeded.
    can anyone help me with articles/ reccomendations, anything really, as i cant seem to get through to her without some sort of proof or vet reccomendation, something more than i can offer.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi and welcome

    Your Mum is doing just fine . The pup is on a good diet by the sounds of it.

    Why do you say that the pup should be on a processed food diet to be healthy?
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    Welcome from me too.

    I'm with ChoppaChop. Your mum is feeding pretty much what I feed my dogs except I feed wings and brisket bones instead of necks.

    Dry dog food first came about when there was a glut of wheat on the market and a clever buisness man decided to turn waste into profit by manufacturing the first biscuit meal for dogs. There have been lots of changes since then and a bit of research but IMO dry food is still no substitute for a healthy natural diet.

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    thanks for the replies guys!

    im not saying they need processed food, i just thought that mince and bones might not be fully providing her with everything she needs, like vitamins, fibre, etc like in a complete raw diet like b.a.r.f or something similar.
    also, i do not believe it is healthy for a dog to be that fussy (im a dog trainer not a vet lol) as a hungry, healthy dog that hasnt been coddled will eat whatever you put infront of it (my dog actually even eats salad and vegies, because he sees me eating them lol)

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    Default Natural diets - Food Fundamentals for Dogs - Dog Health - What meat should I feed my pets - Pet Health Advice - The Rise of Canine Cancer

    I agree with your mum, better fresh than off the shelf cancer causing preservative ridden trash. Even the most premium of premium brands are all made in the same factory in China. Eat as they did a zillion years ago!

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    I disagree with Mango about the food made in China - yes some of it is, but some brands are not - check the labels.

    I haven't found a brand of tinned dog food that has a list of ingredients I think acceptable. I do make my own dog caserole, and some of my friends also do (slightly different recipe), these involve mince or chopped meat (I use chopped chicken fillet at the moment), and lots of vegies (carrot, pumpkin, peas, corn) and a bit of rice, and mine has bran and oats too (though I've heard oats can be bad they don't seem to cause my dog any problems).

    I think the all unprocessed meat diet would be ok but I'd add raw (peeled) carrots to chew on, and maybe some chopped greens for vitamin C and whatever it is they get by eating grass. My puppy prefers spinach to parsley - sheesh. I aslo feed her a couple of spoonfuls of plain yoghurt a day. Yoghurt doesn't cause the same gut problems as milk not as much lactic acid or whatever it is. Some cooked brown rice wouldn't hurt either.

    Also there was an episode of Bondi Vet that featured a dog that had inhaled chicken carcass - so you'd want to check your dog was chewing it properly.

    I'm pretty sure wild dogs are opportunistic, and will eat all sorts of food. There is a book called "Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowat that describes the diet of a wolf in detail. Apparently it's no good eating only the meat of a mouse - a wolf has to eat the whole thing - fur, bones, guts, everything to get the full nutritional value. Ie so there would be some cereal / vegetable matter in the mouse guts and roughage in the fur and skin etc.

    Also mince can be full of nasty preservative chemicals too - so you'd want to check the labels on that.

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    Cappy - throughout his entire life - ate premium quality food - he even ate a raw diet for the last few years which I think was part of what hid the extent of his cancer - however, he still got cancer and he still died. Even the best food is no guarantee that your dog will live a long and healthy life - it is just one part of it!

    This pup may have growth problems because of an uneven level of nutrients so perhaps your mother needs to do some more research

    Sounds like a high protein diet that lacks any vegetable matter - that is not a balanced diet

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    thanks for the replies guys, shes had the runs for the last week apparently, and my mum still isnt concerned, i really think its time for a vet to look at her :-/

    hyacinth and occy, thats exactly what i was concerned about too
    the research ive done over the last 2-3 days said that wild dogs will always eat the entrails first including all the vegetable matter,
    im worried shes not getting all she needs, like feeding a horse nothing but oats, sure they might like it, but not so good for them, and if she was older, i wouldnt worry as much, but shes already a runt, and this may be problematic on her skin, immune, digestive systems and joints

    and i wasnt just talking about dry food, i personally fed my dog a combination of a premium dry food, b.a.r.f patties, and raw bones

    (as far as your dog getting cancer, my vet told me there are many causes like in humans and every other living creature, stop just blaming the food guys, seriously, he said that as long as its made to australian/us vet dietitians standards, there was nothing to really worry about)
    if youre serious about "trying" to avoid cancer, make sure your dogs are spayed/nutered and dont let anyone smoke near them

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    Cappy was neutered at the age of 8 months - still got cancer and died

    There is no guarantee - that means you either throw caution to the wind or you do as you can.

    There are diets and there are diets - I know what I would prefer to feed my dogs frankly - and it isn't the every day available diet and it isn't the over the counter vet food either. It may not stop cancer but it may well reduce the symptoms and help a dog have a longer happier life.

    Billie has cancer and has lived with it for over a year - only now are her cancers starting to spread slowly

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    Our ACD lives off raw meat and dog nuts.. The raw meat we feed boss is roo meat that my fiance shoots for him. We worm him monthly cos roos are full of worms. Our vet said that it was alright to feed him roo meat, just worm him more often. We did try the roo meat from the "shops" but he didnt like it and same with his best mate, chewy the cat.

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