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    Question Confused???

    Hi everyone...newbie here hoping for some advice

    I have been researching dog/puppy food and I am sooooooo

    We have a 4 year old lab x cocker spaniel who is very fussy, but seems to like the cheap supermarket crap.....He is really my husbands dog and he is happy to give him whatever he will eat...

    I am getting a maltese x shih-tzu pup soon (he's 3 weeks old now) and I want him to have the best of course....soooo I have been googling..GAH, google can be evil! LOL

    Now I am thinking of getting both dogs onto the BARF/RAW diet and I'm wondering what you all think???

    I feel terrible that our 4 yr old dog has been eating such crap now

    Please help? Thanks xx

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    I guess it also depends on what works for you and your dogs. Our Ziggy gets dry food as her main source but also raw bones, chicken carcasses and fruit and vegies. Dry food works best for us because (once it is warmer again) we are going camping a lot at the weekends. So kibble is actually the easiest to transport And Zig is not fussy, she eats anything really. She also is doing well on it.

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    It really is what works for your dog. oh and welcome

    Anne has put up an excellent post and does pretty much what we do only as we have the bigger dogs we feed the carcass whole.
    We also add a little kibble ( and keep this in mind-unless your main diet for your dog is going to be kibble,then it does not need to be expensive-honest )
    but purely for any extra cereal they may need in thier diets.

    Hippo raises a great point as well .
    Having to travel away with your pooches on a regular basis is a good reason to be sure they will eat a wide variety of things.
    Mind you,on a camping trimp,we have to take meat for the males ( just ask em-canna have a BBQ without meat-ug! ) so I usually just pop in a bit extra for the dogs.
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    You might even find that your dogs won't eat the RAW diet. I know my dog cannot stand raw food at all So I feed him tins of My Dog (everything else gives him gas and diarrhea) and Pedigree dry food.

    But give it a try. They may love it

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    Thanks for the replies

    I'm now also looking at Beneful and Royal Canin.....

    So much info out there....

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