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Thread: Feeding suggestions - Golden Retriever

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    People sometimes ask me if I give my dog left overs.

    I look at them like they've lost their minds - there are no left overs in my house. And I'm not giving her things I wouldn't eat like the chicken bones. I do allocate some of the roast whatever for treats and cut that into little bits and put it into snack bags and freeze. But there's no left overs.

    Sometimes she gets to do pre-rinse but there's no way she'd get the bit of chicken or steak I was planning to eat.

    She does have me well trained but I like food too - she's not getting mine.

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    lol at 'pre rinse' hyacynth pre rinsers here. They can clean a roasting pan, faster than i can with those green scourers!

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    RAW is the way I have gone as i had two high allergy dogs and they are doing fine on RAW.....My Annabelle was a mess when she came to me. Gunky ears, eyes and hot-spots......had her allergy tested and she is allergic to anythig with preservatives, food colouring, all those numbers and wheat.........that stops you dead in your tracks with a lot of purchased dog food. She can eat Blackhawk, but she puts on weight too quick for a small volume and it always hungry, so only when we travel. We went to RAW way a long time ago and the dogs love it
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