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    Hello. Earlier this year we adopted a 5 year old corgi from another family who were moving and could no longer keep her. They advised me to never feed her "people food" as she has an extremely sensitive stomach since she got salmonella whilst staying at a kennel once and her tummy has never been the same. They told me that they had found her stomach can only really handle dry biscuits. So that is all we have been feeding her, I have tried a few different brands ranging from mid range to Black Hawk and she is generally always the same, lots of bowel movements (have to clean the yard every 2 days), green formed to begin with and then runny at the end. My boyfriend has snuck her random things like bits of cooked meat from dinner and corn chips (I know) on occasion which hasn't had any awful effects. When she has had the occasional bone she farts constantly and its the most rancid smell ever! She never seems to be in pain or have tummy aches but I can hear her stomach gurgling from time to time. I feel like after having read so much info on this forum and other sites I should be feeding her differently as dried biscuits aren't the best but I'm worried about upsetting her stomach...

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    Get yourself some probiotics and slippery elm powder - both from a human chemist. Silppery elm open one capsule and sprinkle it on her meal once a day, probiotic the same (either inner health plus or yakult)

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    have to clean the yard every 2 days
    I clean up my yard morning and again in the evening and pick up after her when we go down the park. I couldn't stand leaving craps for two days. Yikes.

    Mind you every now and again I find one that's a bit older - because I missed it the first time round. And it's usually dry and crispy after two days.

    You might want to investigate finding a dog food that doesn't have an "grain" in it - no corn meal, beet pulp, rice or wheat stuff. Some dogs with sensitive tummies can't deal with that stuff.

    You may also want to try making your own and supplementing with a vitamin mix or something. There's a system or product called "vets all natural" or VAN and another called "BARF" which is something to do with raw.

    Tho if the dog has had trouble with salmonella - you might want to cook all her meat first. But the probiotic thing might also fix it.

    Cooked pumpkin is also supposed to help dogs with sensitive tummies. You could try half a cup of that with her dinner too.

    And I feed my dog a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt in the morning too. Mostly the pot set stuff cos I like that. Eg Paris Creek or Margaret river.

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