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Thread: Diet confusion?

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    Default Diet confusion?

    Ok so Puppy is arriving in 2 weeks ya! and I've decided to go for a Raw diet and have tried to wade my way through the minefield of different ideas out there. Currently she is eating this:

    Science diet puppy biscuits original (soaked) with mince meat (human grade). Pets own puppy milk lactose free from the supermarket. half milk half water. I plan to slowly get her onto this:

    Raw Meaty Bones 30-50%
    Liver & Kidney 5%
    Heart 5-10%
    Muscle Meat 15%
    Veggies Not counted
    Grains less than 20%

    Only thing I can't seem to figure out is how much to feed her while she's growing, all the sites that I visit just say unhelpful things like 'it depends on her weight and age' but don't really provide any formulas. Or they talk about how many cups of kibble to feed which doesn't help when you want to weight raw food by grams. The only site that gave a formula said - Puppies should be fed no more than 10 percent of their body weight or 2 to 3 percent of their ideal ADULT body weight. Now the breeder said she'll be about 8kg when I get her at 8 weeks, but 800 grams a day seems like an awful lot for a puppy?? Alternatively 3% of her ideal adult weight (23kg) is about 690grams. So I'm completely confused. I realise that puppy's need more energy for growth but how do I know how much is enough and when do I start reducing it as she grows? Also that seems weird to give her less when she's bigger. Help help I'm completely confused. Does anyone have any good links to sites that really spell it out for you properly?

    BTW I know that you're dying to see more gorgeous photos -

    6 weeks 2.jpg
    6 weeks old.jpg
    kissing brother.jpg
    vet trip 2.jpg
    vet trip.jpg
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    I would be guided by your breeder as to how much, how often and what to feed your pup. I also would be feeding the pup exactly what the breeder has been feeding her.

    You will be getting a puppy pack with her ? This should give quantities.

    The pup has/will be going through a hell of a lot when she first gets to your place – that will be more than enough changes – without mucking around with the food she is used to eating.

    Not saying not to change what you feed her – but timing is very important and doing it very slowly.

    I get into the routine of weighing said pup once a week up to about 12 weeks -then once a month after that until about 12 months.

    A couple of links regarding feeding your pup - have a look at this link and around this site:

    Perfect Puppy Nutrition

    Pups have very different requirements than older dogs as far as amounts to feed go. The amount pups grow in the first 12 months is nothing short of amazing for some breeds. Have a look at this link:

    Dr B's Feeding Recommendations

    Only 2 weeks to go ! You are soooooooo lucky ! Have fun !

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    Definitely will be a very slow process not looking to change over quickly. Not sure what I'm getting from the breeder and this is her first time breeding bulldogs instead of pugs. Thanks for the links.

    Ok so now that site says 4% which is 400grams, so currently I have 400gr, 690gr and 800gr... aaagghghghgh!! no idea.

    Tempted to just leave the fridge open and let her sort it out herself...
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    I'd probably keep her on the same as what the breeder is feeding until she is about 6 months old.

    But you will have to increase the amounts as she gets bigger.

    A desexed dog needs about 30% less than an undesexed dog and all the pack guides are for undesexed dog. While she's a puppy you probably don't have to worry about that. Mine was already desexed (very young) when I got her.

    But you also have to factor in how much exercise and I imagine a bulldog puppy would exercise less than a kelpie puppy.

    So you can see how nobody is willing to give you a formula. It will vary based on how much your dog is doing and growing.

    And only you can see that.

    So I would feed what the breeder says and up it some (based on what the pack says) - maybe once a month.

    You will be feeding 3 times a day too for a while. Tho if you're working that might be hard.

    If she starts getting fat - that kind of barrel shape with no waist - you cut back by 10% for a week and if no change - then cut back another 10%...

    And you will be guided a bit by how hungry the puppy is. Ie put the bowl down with the allocated ration - if it's not gone in 10 minutes - take it away until the next meal time. And put down the allocated ration then. Don't include what wasn't eaten at the last meal. If the puppy gets properly hungry - they will scoff the lot in a hurry.

    Don't free feed (leave food out). All dogs I've met, that are "free fed", are obese. In fact you can just ask a fat dog's owner - do you leave food out all the time for your dog - and the answer is usually yes...

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    Yes i was only joking about the fridge, I won't free feed her. And you're right she's going to have to get used to 2 feeds a day, it can't be helped, I work and no there is no one around on a regular basis to do a third feed so she'll just have to get used to that. Like you say it will probably be a bit of guess work to start with.

    My breeder is happy for her not to be desexed till she is 12 months due to the complications that bulldogs can have with the anesthetic and breathing problems, but like you say a bulldog isn't going to be that active. Definitely don't want her over weight though.

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    As you have worked out – there is no definitive equation on the correct amount to feed a puppy - there are far too many variables. The ‘look of the pup test’ is really the only way to work it out.

    The diet she is on presently – looks good. Have you seen these links:

    10 Things You Should Know About How Much to Feed Your Pet

    Pet Weight Check | Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

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    Thanks Riley, I've have a read later on.

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    Honestly, if you have not done a raw diet before don't go getting such a bulky breed and doing trial and error. There are products like Dr Bruces Vets All Natural - Natural Pet Products, Healthy Pets - Home which is a balanced ratio for growing dogs and made by a veterinarian. The calcium and protein you have to watch a lot and you cant really measure it in a raw diet. Ask your breeder too if the dog is covered for HD/ED and other conditions if you decide to deviate from their feeding recommendations. If your pup does get something like panostanitis etc from an imbalanced diet their 'health guarentee' wont extend that far and you will be then out of pocket

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    I'll be balancing the diet with the vet's all natural supplement powder that has all the vitamin nutrients and calcium she'll need and it's his website I go the raw diet ratios from.

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    Not an expert but I have done a bit of reading .... frm what I have read aim for about 5% of ideal adult body weight - down to 3% of body weight as she matures (don't ask me to link I cant reference it - too much reading LOL).

    However, a lot of what I have read says to keep pups on a commercial diet til 12 months... Maybe a long transition? Others start right off on a raw diet.

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