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Thread: Dog vs Lump 3 (how to remove cysts and tumours)

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    Very good for you, yes.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I am enjoying reading this thread.

    Augustine seems quite genuine with their willingness to share the recipe for the SuperHeal. I have had no reason to try this as my dogs have not had lumps to be removed however if they did, I would rather try this for a week or so before spending $$$ at the vet. There are no side effects, that we are aware of, that would make this recipe dangerous to try, so why not...?

    I agree that a vet should be consulted when trying something but I also agree that most vets are narrow-minded in their Western approach to medicine without giving a second thought to alternative methods.

    I can also understand why Augustine would not want to post on this forum often as it seems, based on some comments here, that it is seen as spam EVEN THOUGH the website has not been mentioned nor have they suggested purchasing anything from them.

    I'm guessing Augustine also has limited dog behaviour knowledge hence being unable to contribute as much as other members on this forum.

    Good Luck Augustine. I hope your product is a breakthrough for the Vet industry and it can help save pets' lives and $$ for the owners.

    I hope this thread continues.

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    I'm guilty of giving a hard time to anyone who posts a bunch of testimonials about how great some product is - without doing any kind of unbiased double blind kind of study. Or even just collecting the data.

    Especially in this case - when the standard lump the stuff is supposed to help get rid of - usually comes off in about the same time as the product suggests if you do nothing.

    I think we should be willing to ask vets a lot of questions too. So many of them seem unaware of basic problems that they can contribute to - eg selling dodgy dog food or failing to inform customers about the consequences of having an overweight under exercised dog.

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