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Thread: maxi or medium dog food?

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    Default maxi or medium dog food?

    i've got a mixed breed dog and I'm not sure how big he's going to get. should i get him food for dogs 10-25kg or 25+?

    what's the difference between the two foods anyway and what happens when you feed him the wrong type of dog food?

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    How much does your puppy weigh now

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    I wouldnt be to fazed about it but to be safe go with the weight division he's in and change up if he gets bigger. I've found the best indicator as to wether a dog is doing ok on a certain tucker is to 'poo watch' ... check out his dump. If they are firm and not sloppy then all good or runny isnt want you want. Dosnt mean its the most healthy of meals but at least its running through his system ok. Foods always a trial and error thing. If your switching food types or brands do it gradually so his belly dosnt get a big shock. Slowly over a week or so will be best bet. Good luck

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    16 kg for what age? I dont think it will make a lot of difference. I had my medium breed puppy (cattle dog) on large breed puppy food because that is what she came with from rescue. It was a large bag of a good quality food so I wasnt going to waste it. I very rarely feed my puppies puppy formulation anyway and usually go straight to adulut.

    I like to grow my young dogs out nice and lean. So I reckon watch their poos as mentioned and their weight and feed a reasonable quality food.

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    16kg and he's 4 and a half monthes

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