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Thread: Budget, budget, budget!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    See that's what I was told about Black Hawk. Yet they needed about twice as much as recommended to even hold weight, and then their hair starting falling out in sticky handfuls...

    I really dont feed a lot. Around one cup of Earthborn (90 g) and one cup of Supercoat (100g) per day seems to fuel my energetic young working dogs nicely even when they are in full work. However I have heard that the higher protein kibble can cause the hair to shed excessively. A friend of mine found this when feeding straight Earthborn. She put it down to her dogs not being constantly active.

    I feed the 50/50 mix and havent had a problem. I dont worry about % of body weights, I just adjust my food up and down depending on what they look like, summer or winter and how much work they are doing. I have to keep them lean and muscled because they are are working dogs and expected to leap in and out of yards, back sheep etc. One of my dogs seems to require a little more than the others.

    It gets back to what suits individual dogs.
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    In regards to Black Hawk, go to their website and put in your post code. they will give you the closest retailers. Call the retails and ask the prices. I get mine for $80 per 20kg bag but everywhere sells for different prices. Work out which is cheapest and get it from there.

    I actually don't use Black Hawk unless it's in treat dispensing toys or while training, etc. I use Phud's dog food. It's cheaper than using dry food (provided you don't pay a fortune for mince) and it's very healthy for them.

    Is it a convenience thing using dry food? Have you thought about making your own food at home?

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    Wkristen hasn't been back for a while. I hope that means they're doing well.

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