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Thread: Omg Fatty!

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    Default Omg Fatty!

    I was looking through pics of Kimba
    This is Kim shortly after we adopted her

    This is her a week or 2 ago

    I wanted to really crack down on her diet and before I changed it I watched what she ate for 2 days and I was disgusted.

    The dog is a garbage disposal unit. Every single person in my household is guilty of feeding her extra during the day.
    Even me, I would give her scraps off my plate and didn't think much of it until I realised she does it for everyone. So 4 adults and 2 kids all day are feeding her, thats not including her allocated 'dog' treats!

    So Im glad Kimba can't read because its diet time! As long as everyone stops feeding her all day I think the kilos should drop off her for the amount of exercise she does all day!

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    Hehe... I'm sure she gives you all the "starving" look... Dogs are so good at that look!

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    Hi Sharoo
    To be honest she does not look huge, just the way she's laying does her no favours (sorry Kimba). But you know if she needs to loose a bit, can you feel her ribs when you run your hand across her side, and if you look down from above her-can you see a waist or is she more rectangular when looking down?
    I had the same problem with Misi. Everyone felt like she needed a treat 100 times a day and left overs. It was really hard when I worked long hours and she'd stay at my mums-i lost control over what she ate. I noticed that her waist had gone...
    Now that I'm working from home, no snacks, scraps, through the day....weighed Misi last week and found that in December she was 28kg, now she's 22kg. Bit jeleous really LOL.

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