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Thread: DIY Doggy Treats

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    Here's a treat recipe I haven't tried yet. Mostly because easier things work for me.

    I'd probably use sardines in olive oil - I'd put the sardines in - and add the oil until I got a usable texture. If I ran out of oil, I'd probably add some water - because that's probably what the tuna or salmon are in.
    And I'd probably use real garlic - one clove, crushed - or into the food processor first and blitzed.
    And I line the baking tray with baking paper - haven't greased a tin in years.

    I've got another recipe that involves liver and blue berries - but I don't think I could handle the smell of something like that cooking.

    Tuna Fudge Recipe | Maholia

    Tuna Fudge Recipe
    December 8, 2007 by agilitynut

    2 x 6 oz. (180gm or 360gm all up) cans tuna
    OR 1 x 14 oz. (420gm) can salmon (do not drain either)
    1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
    1 Tbsp garlic powder or granulated garlic
    2 eggs — lightly beaten
    grated parmesan cheese, about 1 handful

    mix all together in a mixer or food processor, I use a food processor and toss in a few small chunks of parmesan cheese first to grate those, then add the rest all at once and pulse until thoroughly mixed, takes maybe 3 minutes start to finish.

    grease a 9”×9” pan (agilty nut uses spray canola oil - but don't put this on a non stick pan),
    bake in 350'F (180'C) moderate oven for 20 minutes

    texture is sort of fudge/putty-like, will keep in refrigerator for 3 days, freezes _beautifully_, after it's cut into very small squares, toss them into a freezer bag and leave in freezer.

    CAUTION: do not _refreeze_ any leftovers, just make the pups do some extra tricks at home to get the goodies

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    Thank you SO much, I really appreciate all of the tips. At the moment Millie is just on a normal collar and she pulls like mad for a couple of minutes (to the point of choking herself) before calming down a bit but we do have a haltie that I really need to make the time to get her used to. I'm definitely keen to get her slowly introduced to the Haltie and see how she goes and then move to a harness if that is not helping. Every dog is different so I'll have to find what works for her.

    I used the steak this morning and she was much more interested in that than she was in the hotdog meat from last week and the store-bought treats from before that. I didn't have to spend the whole class spinning around in circles getting her into the heel position so that was a real plus. In order to get her to stay sitting I either have to hold the treat and not give it to her or pat her a lot. Even then, she usually loses interest and wants to wander off during the trainers' lectures (can't say I blame her really!). I'm definitely going to try a few treat ideas I've learnt from you guys and mix up what I take to class as I hope that variety will keep her interested.

    I'm determined to keep working with Millie, even if I have to stand in the pouring rain every Saturday this winter. As long as she thinks it's fun and I can see small improvements then it's worth it. It's a good thing I have my little black lab Loki as an example of what good training leads to. I took him for a walk after Millie's class and he is just such a good boy. About 1km of our 3km walk is in a reserve along a river and I can walk him off-lead that whole way with him going no further than 2m from me and coming straight back by my side when I call. It's a joy to walk Loki and I hope Millie will be a joy to walk some day too.

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    Hi Candi, glad to see you are making progress!

    If you feel like a good read, try the book "When Pigs Fly" by Jane Killion. It may give you a few more ideas on training dogs that are not food-oriented. Hyacinth, as usual, has already given some really good advice on this in this thread.

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    heeling game aka "working the re-inforcement zone".

    in a small ish space - with the steak - but well before dinner or any successful foraging...

    Stand next to your dog (in the heel position) and say "yes" and feed a small treat. repeat a couple of times. Then take one step forward and say "heel" and wait... hopefully your dog will take one step to be up next to you, and you can reward by saying "yes" and feeding another treat.

    it helps if the dog knows about "release words" which comes with something called "crate games" (search on youtube - you can use a mat instead of a crate - as long as the dog can't nick off - so maybe dog on lead.

    you only reward what you want to see repeated. So if the dog doesn't sit or hold the sit - no treat.

    I built duration - starting at half a second - and gradually increasing the *average* length of time my dog could sit-stay... before she got to eat her dinner - or anything yummy out of her food bowl. She had to stay on a mat, in the position of my choice, for as long as I wanted - and then she got "released" to eat her dinner "hook in" (or what ever "eat your dinner permission granted" cue you want).

    she does drop stays at club with her tail wagging the whole time - cos she's thinking of dinner...

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