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Thread: Royal Canin For Giant Breeds

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    Default Royal Canin For Giant Breeds

    Does anyone use Royal Canin for Giant breeds are
    using RC for large dogs ?

    I just want to know if your dog does well on it and do you feed
    raw food as well or every other day ?
    Reason I ask is, I feed my dogs raw roo every night and chicken frames
    as well every second night and I leave a cup of kibble out every day for 3 dogs.
    They share the Kibble all day picking here and there..
    I have only ever found CopRice to be good for my dogs and not give them any
    I did change Kibble 2 times and they broke out in hives, so I have just stuck with
    CopRice because it works for my dogs..

    If I was to change to Royal Canin maybe I wouldn't have to feed them as much..
    I have a friend with a Dogue and he feeds his Boy 700grams of chicken mince and 1 cup of science diet per day..
    His boy is 70kg...

    Would like to hear opinions or suggestions.
    The husband is a roo shooter but every time he goes out for a shoot he has to bring back approx 30 roos
    in the 4 - 5 days .
    If I can cut down it would be a bonus.

    I wonder what other Breeders feed their dogs.
    One Breeder had 16 Breeding pairs of Dogues and I was a wake for weeks
    wondering how the Heck they feed them all and kept them all in great condition..


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    I was using it but after some research and recommendations from Newfsie and others i switched to Black Hawk and have never looked back. Cant say we had any issue with R.C but for only a little more $$ i feel B.H is a better food.

    My vet is a big fan of Royal Canin....but then again thats what he sells.

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    I haven't used RC but have friends that do and like it very much.

    I fed Black Hawk for a time and had horrendous skin issues, which I've since found out are not too uncommon with BH. They also got scungy dirty teeth quickly, despite having bones. Which I've never had before either.

    Like you LL I fed Coprice for a long time. But I wonder if they changed the recipe as my dogs started not holding weight well, and the output (poo) was more and more - seemed to go straight through them!

    So I changed to Cobber and have been really pleased. COndition has come back on them, poos are small and dry, and their coats and teeth are lovely. They really like it and it is great value.

    They don't seem to have a website but there is some info here: Cobber Dog Feed | Health Dog Food | Ridley Corporation

    Mine have working variety as the high protein and fat content works for them. But I notice they also have a "Country" formula, lower in fat and protein; and a Puppy one too.

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    I used RC with my old Dogue and other 3 dogs, I went through 15 kg in just over 2 weeks which was brilliant. I love it, but the price started getting to me and I found my new dogs did better on raw anyway so I went to Vets All Natural with beef mince and other goodies. If I did go back to dry food it would be the only one I would bother with. The Maxi Adult was the only food on the market my Rottweiler was not allergic too as well.

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    Ive used pro pak giant breed only since Nero was a pup, price and protein levels were what swayed me that way. He's a pretty fussy eater and will only eat meat if i cook it, he even rejects scotch fillet unless its medium rare??

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    At least he's good taste in how he likes his steak!!

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    Hi Your Douge is absolutely gorgeous i have 2 Bullmastiffs Nevvie is sick but i fed them Advance Giant breed up until they were 2 always was great for them & a 20kg bag used to last about 2 weeks now feed mostly Raw My girl Sookie is a lil fatty so have to be careful with her diet Nevvies has always been hard to keep weight on especially in hotter weather he is a big panter. Im very lucky that 2 of my sons work in a poultry factory so get my chicken really cheap & my frames for free .

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