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Thread: Share You Recipes Here

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    Hi AF

    Yeh, unfortunately the names weren't from my genius mind
    I got the recipes when I joined a rescue organisation. I hope they don't mind them being shared

    I keep meaning to bake some for the babies...I just don't get around to it i'm such a slack mummy. But, thankfully they forgive me. Some of them would be great for training because they're soft, and Leo eats his treats slowly, shake it up a bit from the cheese and chicken!

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    These recipes are great, I might just wip up a batch for Paw-Sha today! I printed them all out.....very excited.....but not as excited as Paw-Sha will be when she gets to try a treat! Think I will make the Banana Cookies first....If they are Ziggys favourite I have to try them first! Thanks guys!!

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    The liver sausage cookies were a great success too...

    It is so funny to watch her when I am baking for her. Zig always lies down on the carpet in front of the kitchen watching me when I am in it doing something and of course when I bake for her I make a fuss about it and she gets sooo excited

    Hope PS loves the cookies too

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