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Thread: A healthy diet

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    Default A healthy diet

    Hey all,

    Ive been reading alot lately on diets, what to and what not to feed our little friends. Beau seems really fussy with what he will eat.

    Im just going to make a brief list on what im feeding him hoping for some yay or nays and some feedback

    * He will not touch, wet, canned food. Tried pedigree, Chum etc etc. No go?

    * Even dried food he really isnt interested in? Have a bag of pedigree, have not tried anything else yet..Suggestions?

    * He doesnt mind the V.I.P rolls (like big devon rolls) but im not to keen to feed him these.

    * He will eat the V.I.P (somewhat) fresh chicken/meatball looking things from the deli in the supermarket. Are these ok nutrition wise? They have very little on the packaging to advise what is actually in them?

    * I have been buying fresh bones from the butcher (meat, not chicken) and he loves them. there is still a bit of meat and fat on them. Are these ok to feed him?

    * I read that sardines are good for skin and coat, so i bought some and he LOVES these!! how often should i feed him a tin of these? I gave him a tin, 3 days in a row and noticed his poop went from solid to almost runny. I want to get his coat and skin shiny and healthy.

    * I bought Coles raw dog mince from the deli...was not fussed and left it after 2-3 mouthfulls.

    Like most people, i want the best for Beau and want him to be healthy and happy BUT also like most i am on a budget and need to also feed my kids lol, so any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks guys 'n' gals...

    Wayne & Beau

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    Raw bones are great. I also feed my dog chicken necks (raw chicken bones are fine, just not cooked ones) or chicken wings regularly.

    I do feed Banjo primarily mince, but I don't like the supermarket stuff much. Though I do occasionally buy the Aldi brand if I can't stock up elsewhere. It's only $7 for 2 kilos. But I suspect it has too much preservative in it like most of the commercial brands, so I try not to feed it too often. I buy chicken pet mince from the local fresh food markets at $2/kilo! But it is very fatty, so not for every day. I also get mince from Petbarn. It claims it has only low levels of preservative. It's a bit more expensive (can't remember price per kilo), but both Banjo and the kittens love it. If you can find a butcher that sells a good mix for a good price, that would be the best. It needs to be a mix of meat off-cuts (puppies can deal with quite a bit of fat in their food), offal and maybe bones, though you can feed those separately. Strangely enough my dog doesn't like mince that is too lean and she also hates kidneys. But loves heart and liver. Which you can also buy fairly cheaply from the butcher.

    I mix the mince with Vets All Natural supplement to make sure she gets all the minerals and vitamins she needs. And an egg and sardines or similar once a week should be enough.

    I also do leave some dry food out most days. I just get Supercoat as it's all natural. Not the cheapest, but Banjo doesn't eat much dry food so it lasts a long time.

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    Chicken necks and chicken frames are GREAT for dogs. When you are feeding bones with meat on as part of their diet (as opposed to marrrow bones that are given for chew time activities), the recommended balance is 50/50 meat to bone, so when going for red meaty bones, try lamb shanks, lamb or beef spines, pork trotters as well as the chicken frames, necks, and wings.

    Tinned food is just processed muck... good on your dog for walking away from that! (But I do know of some dogs that are raised on nothing else and do OK) To me, canned food is the doglet equivalent of truckstop food - nice every once in a while when you are starving, but not something you'd choose to live on.

    If you have a bulk ware hosue butcher (in Vic we have Tasman Meat), they are a great place to stock up on your meaty bones for very little, or get to know your local butcher and introduce them to your dog.

    The offal of animals is great as well (if you can stomach it, pardon the pun!), but go easy on liver.

    You can get pretty decent minced meats on special from time to time, so stock up when it's cheap, and mix through vegies that you have whizzed in the food processor to a fine mince (no onions, but a little garlic is good), add a couple of tbsp of molasses, some vit c powder, cod liver or flax seed oil, mix it into patties and freeze. Then supplement the raw meaty bones with some mince veggie patties, and you'll be right... makes feeding time so much easier too!

    You'll find that on a more natural diet, you dog will drink far less, but pee just as much, which is due to the water that is naturally occurring in the food he's now eating - kibble has had it all removed, and can have a lot of salt added for flavour, which of course drives a dog's thirst sky-high.

    {Oh, and you had the runny poops after the sardines from the naturally occurring fish oil - more so if you bought the variety that are packed in oil.. Go for the ones in water, and build up from one to 'bowel tolerance' - which is the point at which your pooch's poops get soft.}

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    Oskar is on hills science diet for sensitive skin. It works for us, his poos don't stink so much and being a mostly inside dog, he doesn't fart too badly on it. He also gets raw bones from the butcher, chicken necks as a treat. ;
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    I feed my newfies and Tessa RAW mostly.....Bones, all bones, liver, kidney, any raw meat ( they love roo), minced or chunks. Also veggy/fruit slop, rice/oats/legumes/small amount of meat cooked.
    I also add glucosamine/chondrointon, Vit E&C, kelp and fish oil (or krill).

    If I do feed dry while traveling, I use Blackhawk. I also use their dry for training, most dogs in my classes will just eat it out of my hand.

    I hate most canned foods and dry food, too many preservatives and food colouring, plus enormous amounts of wheat.

    The puppies I have at present (foster Coolie rescue dogs) are eating Blackhawk and minced chicken carcasses. As that will be an easy food for the new owners to give. They also get Vit C&E and fish oil. They have blossomed on it. They have gained huge amount of weight and coats have improved tenfold .
    You have to be careful where your chicken comes from, because sometimes what the chickens are fed is not so good, same as feed lot cattle......One of my dogs got quite unwell on the chicken. We now do not feed her any chicken, she is however fine on organic chicken
    Pets are forever

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    Hi Wayne & Beau,
    Our website & store has plenty of information that may be of interest to you.
    Augustine Approved - Human Food for Dogs
    Augustine Approved

    Good luck with it let us know if you have any questions we may be able to help you with.

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    I feed Dex Blackhawk dry food and he gets a section of chicken wing when I go to work to keep him happy. He gets other meats (chicken loaf, sausage etc) as treats for training. If your pup won't eat what you're offering, just take it off him after a few minutes and don't feed him again until next meal time and he should start to get the idea that if he wants food, he'll have to eat what you're giving him, when you give it to him. If you keep offering him new things when he won't eat what was initially offered then he may take advantage of that and get more fussy until he gets what HE wants to eat (which may not necessarily be what's best for him). Kinda like a kid refusing to eat until it gets lollies or maccas instead of fruit and veg.

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    Sounds like a smart cookie mate....i dont blame him for turning his nose up at the tinned crap and cheap dry and rolls either.

    The above advice is spot on......i do Blackhawk but it might be a bit dear for ya....$80 for 20 kilos.

    We also feed Mojo alot of chicken necks and wing tips from woolies...about $3 a bag (1kg??)

    I also feed the giant pug a small chunk of 'Scotty's' dog rolls from my butcher...they are like $7-$9 each.
    100% Natural, Nutritional, Preservative Free Pet Food Australia

    Carrot, broccoli, pasta, fish , egg (crushed shell aswell) etc leftovers go to dog aswell. Just stay well away from anything with onion in it. It and many other foods mess doigs up bad.

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    thanks everyone for the advice and feedback.

    Ive ditched all the tinned food i originaly bought and went out today and bought him some Roo mince and also some Purina Supercoat biccies. He took straight to the biccies but come feeding time, has played with the mince but really hasnt eaten much more than a few mouthfulls??? Grr im starting to get frustrated, i dont know what to feed him :/

    Back to the drawing board....

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    Mate , one of the things i recall my puppy kindy teacher saying was somthing about roo mince been a bit full on for pups...cant remember why now sorry.
    I know its easy...but the only thing i feed my mutt from a supermarket these days is chicken necks and wing tips....the rest is from the butchers or ordered online. Dont swap all his food straight away either...bit by bit over a few days...or his little belly is going to explode out his backside....hmmmm puppy diarreha LOL. If his turds look good your on a winner...if not back off the new food a bit so he can adjust to it. Boil up some rice and easy. Good luck.

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