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Thread: A healthy diet

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    Beaus daddy - What are you feeding your pup atm? I am wonder as our dogs are around the same age and same breed! When i picked mine up he was on a mix of advanced Puppy dry and wet food but i really want feed him some nice fresh raw food as to me it make alot of sense that this would be better for him then can food! I was told buy someone to mix Dry dog food with mince and some sardines and egg a couple times a week.

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    just a quick note to anyone who joins just to plug their fave dog food for their first post - you're going to get banned. I don't care if you say you're a vet from Melbourne. It's hard to believe when your ISP is in Gosford.

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    'Beaus daddy',

    How is everything going with feeding your pup ? Maybe you can help 'Podge' !

    'Podge' - depends how far you want to go with this feeding of your pup, and yes I know how confusing it all can be. It generally comes down to what you can afford - time and money wise.

    Have you read the rest of the thread to see what has been said before ?

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