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    Default Anti bsl forums

    Hi I am looking for ANTI BSL discussion forums in Australia, NOT FACEBOOK.
    Please post links here or PM sites to me.

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    From my googling there does not seem to be any these days, if any would like to be founding members of a national grass roots anti BSL board please PM me your interest in this.

    I have not found a single repository of information or discussion based platform that is not scattered throughout a raft of now defunct or very low traffic websites.

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    I love pushing s**t up hill so count me in.

    Also been doing a bit of surfing and you are right. Other than a few scattered discussion groups there is no one really trying to pull it together.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    It would be great to have a website that has all the facts and figures. I personally would steer clear of making it an open discussion forum because our experience has taught us that that usually just spirals into emotive discussions, which I think is exactly what you want to avoid. Leave the emotions to the tabloid media and counter it with cold, hard facts that demonstrate the futility of these laws.

    It could be a good idea to approach some high profile experts on the matter too and maybe they could write some articles on alternatives to BSL. I'm thinking the CEO of our ACT RSPCA for example (he owns a pitty, so knows what he is talking about).

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    Thanks Beloz and thank you to the people who have pm'd and shown interest in this I will get back to you in due course.

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    If you could all take the time could you list what you would like to possibly see happen in the future. and by all means feel free to go on a long winding road if it takes your fancy, Eg is it enough to just have a discussion portal about BSL in Australia and the goings on in a single platform perhaps just for now.

    Or would you also like to see a fully incorporated Anti BSL advocacy group which could be an advocacy activism and lobby group in Australia which would have state by state chapters etc.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I would think we need both.

    The discussion portal will allow people to voice opinions and it well may have some emotional outbursts, but that can also be a good thing. The more people who have been affected by this crap and who are willing to talk about their personal experience, the better.

    The advocacy group(s) could take the bones out of any of these discussions to use in putting together a paper on the alternative solution.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    Firstly, I think Beloz makes a good point.

    Secondly, I have mentioned elsewhere that although I am opposed to BSL, I have found it difficult to find ways to express that opposition, or raise awareness.
    Although forums and state lobby groups are both great ideas, I do think that you have to start small and work up to it. In some ways, I would shy away from forums and discussions until you had an established presence.

    I think something like a "current events" type blog would be a good idea - as long as it is kept factual, and not emotional. It could keep track of current BSL "cases" and provide information about the involved parties, and which political members and/or government organisations are responsible for decision making, etc. Ie; who to lobby. If the facts, and the contact details are provided in one location, that makes it easier for people to voice their protest. People are far more likely to get involved when it is easy, and they don't need to hunt for information.

    I'm involved with Animals Australia, and I think this is something that they do really well. Their mailing lists, and Facebook aren't abused, and they are channels to relay really important information. They always outline the facts (although usually with some emotion) and make it really, really easy to sign petitions, and send protest letters. They usually have a "stock" style letter that you can personalise, and send to the relevant MP or other person.

    Which brings me to Facebook, which is absolutely unignorable in terms potential reach. Not just a "anti BSL page" that people can like, but maybe a group that is a source of information and updates, and links to the blog, website, forum, etc. Facebook, used well, can be a powerful tool.

    I don't know that I would be much good as a founding member, as I don't have a huge amount of knowledge on the BSL subject, but I do know a bit about search engine optimisation, and online marketing, and that sort of crap, if it is of any help

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