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    Default BSL timeline, Australia

    1991 ban on the import of 4 purebreed dogs. X breeds and consignments of semen and embryos were not covered. In 2005 another dog was added to the import ban the presa canario.

    Restricted breed legislation first came into effect in South Australia in 1995, New South Wales in 1998, Queensland and Victoria in 2001, Western Australia in 2002 and Tasmania 2010. There have been amendments to these ever since.
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    Thank you for that Beau, I had some of that wrong, but am quite happy to stand corrected.

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    BSL is not new, that's for sure. It's the new ammendment, tabled, passed, and enacted in 2011 which simply ended the amnesty for people to register a restricted breed of dog without risk of the animal being seized. Up until Sept 2011, however, one could still own and register a restricted breed- but importation was banned.

    I loathe bringing up 'I knew this person arguments', however a close friend has educated me on this one: in 2006 he bought his female pitty puppy, and in 2007 his male pitty puppy. Both dogs have been registered with his local council from the age of 6 months ( he is here in Vic with me). His backyard is one enormous 5 sided enclosure (4 walls 1 roof) accessed only via passing through an 'airlock' of two locked doors. His dogs are leashed and muzzled in public, and they are inside/outside dogs. One cannot accidentally walk through his front door and 'run into' Bonny & Clyde- his airlock system ensures no accidental escapes etc.

    His dogs are registered. He conforms to the conditions imposed in registering a restricted breed, pays his annual ransom- and his dogs are effectively as safe as he can make them vis-a-vis the new ammendment.

    So, prior to 29 Sept 2011, the BSL laws limited themselves effectively to importation and registration and an amnesty to register previously unregistered restricted breed dogs was introduced in (?? After 2002, but still looking) and had an end date which was ammended in 2011 to finish the amnesty sooner and now includes a visual identification standard to assist identification and seizure of supposed restricted breed dogs.

    Disclaimer: the information above does not necessarily reflect acceptance on my part of BSL or it's recent ammendment in Victoria.
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    I don't have the bandwidth atm to list everything, when I do I will do an historical timeline starting in 1989 when the first import bans were discussed, yep you heard right 89, from the first tabled meeting to 91 when it was passed. Nothing happens like in a day lol not in 91, not now it was certainly not instant noodle legislation.
    Most will be sourced directly from Austlii. This may take a couple months TBH but I will eventually get it together again. I had an historical timeline a few years ago which I posted on the old EDBA forum when it was alive, but quite honestly between crashing computers and then going through a stage of getting completely pissed off with people I deleted everything of my computers.

    edit for clarity sake: The historical time line will not include the GSD import bans enacted in the 1920's.
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