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The Moira council must be extra vigilant...........The Wodonga and Indigo Shire have dogs go through htheir pound that look more like Pitty crosses than those two........They also ask trainers to asess dogs if the have had an aggression report. Two seperate trainers.
It is a sad day for these owner and dogs, makes you wish you had an endless money supply so you could help them with the legal cost.
I just wonder if there had been complaints, it seems so weird that things are so different in the same State
But another really sad side to this is that it sounds like the owners have got to the point where they can hardly bear leaving their dogs to suffer at the pound anymore. If they would be in a more comfortable shelter, maybe they would have more motivation to keep on fighting. But council pounds are horrid places. It is torture for any dog to have to stay there for even the usual 2 weeks, let alone for months. It's not a fair situation in that regard either. "Sure you can appeal. But then we'll let your dog suffer in our dungeons for a few months longer."