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Thread: Big dog bites, little dog bites and BSL

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    Default Big dog bites, little dog bites and BSL

    Rather than hijjack Muffy's thread more than it has been so far *grin*, I thought I'd create a new thread to discuss something I noticed in one of Beloz's posts.

    Beloz- I'm not picking on you, I promise...

    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    I understand where you are coming on with the BSL implications, I truly do. But to try fight BSL with the argument that all dog bites are the same is just completely unrealistic and frankly I do not think it is all that good for the cause. Especially as BSL is NOT just about size – there are dogs with much larger jaws than APBTs that are never mentioned in relation to BSL. Yes all dogs should be treated equal. Yes, all dog owners should be held responsible for the training and socialisation of their dogs. But to deny that little dogs and big dogs are quite different creatures is just not going to convince anyone who favours BSL.

    We must win the argument by pointing out that the owner is responsible for the dogs’ behaviour and that there is overwhelming evidence that any breed can be totally safe if the owner does the right thing.

    We must argue that to prevent serious and fatal dog bite incidents, ALL owners must be made to train and socialise their dogs - and I really do not see a need to differentiate between little dogs and big dogs here, because there are other advantages that are more to do with the dog’s well being.
    The spacing inserted is mine- the bolded bit is what I refer to.

    IMHO, we cannot be shouting the line that any dog can be totally safe. That plays right into the BSL conundrum. That is, if it looks like this, or the owner does that, it is safe. This is where BSL fails our community in the worst way.

    I would put it to you that it is not possible to predict that any dog out there is perfectly safe.

    We know that well handled and well managed dogs with responsible and knowledgeable owners are of significantly less risk to the community. But to suggest any dog is perfectly safe is to create more risk as less knowledgeable, less responsible people get dogs that they think they need make little to no effort for and it will still be ok.

    The line we need to scream is that any dog can bite, it does not matter what the dog looks like AND that the way to ensure community safety is to educate, promote responsible dog ownership practices, enforce local laws and support new dog owners/ less knowledgeable folk in learning about how to be responsible!

    As for little dog versus big dog bites, I'd have to agree with Nek, Choppa and others- I dont think it matters what size the jaws and teeth- given circumstances, a wee dogs' bite has every bit the potential to cause as much harm as a larger dog if applied with intent. And the intent remains the same no matter the sixze of the dog. The intent is to bite and the brain chemistry does not discriminate based on size.

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    Same thing goes on in the horseworld, tho. Ponies are seen to be huge characters and often get away with things that horse owners don't put up with, for a second. Some of it is because the ponies spend much more time with children. Thelwell's pony cartoons would almost all fall flat, if you put a show hack in the same cartoon. Just doesn't happen enough, to ring true.

    The maltese is supposed to be by far the worst biter, but I've found most maltese bites I know of, aren't reported and dealt with at home.

    A lot of people see getting a dog as an entertainment. They don't care if it is happy or well adjusted. How can you make isolated people go to classes? The whole thing is a Gordian knot.
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