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Thread: Toothless dog laws bite councils

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    Default Toothless dog laws bite councils

    STRICT new dangerous dog laws are under pressure, with a key test case showing that councils are struggling to enforce them.

    The problem is proving a dog is a restricted breed.

    Michael Ozzimo, of Altona North, recently won a long legal battle with Hume Council to get his dog back.

    The tough new laws, which allow councils to destroy any breed on the restricted-dog register, were introduced after the death of toddler Ayen Chol.

    The council claimed Mr Ozzimo's unregistered dog Tess, found wandering Meadow Heights alone, was an American pit bull terrier, a restricted breed.

    Mr Ozzimo said Tess, 2, was a staffy and bull mastiff ridgeback-cross. He challenged the council in VCAT last month using blood tests and a veterinarian's letter.

    VCAT member Dr Rebecca French agreed and ruled the dog had to be immediately released back to the care of Mr Ozzimo.

    The dog had spent five months in a pound. "She was very happy to see me, but not as excited as me," Mr Ozzimo said.

    Municipal Association of Victoria CEO Rob Spence said the case was a warning. Councils were already wary of trying to lock up what may be a restricted breed because of the cost and time involved.

    A Hume council spokesman said it was seeking a meeting with the Department of Primary Industries. A spokesman for Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh declined to comment.

    From: Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

    Good to see an article like this in a paper like the Herald Sun.

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    But then there is this editorial in the same paper! Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

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    Finally some sanity - or just some more words and new legislation !

    It is just a real shame that because of the initial checkpoints that councils and govt rely on mean that the poor owners have to spend heaps of money to prove what really is obvious ! Even my GSP would be under threat. He is a rescue and I do not have 'papers' for him.

    So dealing with someone on a bad day from council, also not knowing much or anything about dog breeds - and - really scared of a reasonably large dog - I just wonder how many points my pup would get on this 'you beaut/ant's pants check list !

    You made me - BSL n.jpg

    As stated in the editorial - 'Owners of dangerous breeds often need to be put on a leash as much as their dogs.' Pttf - I would be changing the wording - from need to must and leave out the wording often.

    Then to state - 'Only stricter laws can do that.' Councils and Govt already have enough rules and legislation - they just need to police what they have !

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    The dog doesn't look much like a staffy/pitbull to me, what was the council thinking ... wow

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    The tribunal found the dog did not fit the guidelines of being large and powerfully built with a deep chest and large teeth
    I never knew pitbulls had exceptionally large teeth, i'm now educated lol

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    Another responsible dog owner!

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    well, the truth is with most council laws, they cant be truly enforced in the first place.
    mostly just bully tactics to get unwilling people to comply and give them some sort of control over the public.
    when they are pretty much powerless in most case's if someone pushed.

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    All I can say is that I am so glad I live in the enlightened state Western Australia. Here in WA hicksville, we have some of the most diabolical anti pit bull legislation of any state or territory but it was written deliberately with more holes than a bowl of macaroni cheese. WA is the only state in Australia where you can register your Dogo Argentino as a Hungarian Puli, and no one is legally allowed to tell you that you are mistaken. You could register your Fila Brasiliero as a Chinese Crested, or your Canary dog as a chihuaha. I could register my Maltese/Shih Tsu as a Newfoundland or a Shar Pei.

    If you want somewhere to rehome a so called "dangerous dog" WA is the place. There is no room for actual dangerous dogs, but if you just want to rehome a pit bull terrier or a dogo, WA is the place. I have lost count of the Eastern states APBT's that I have had a small hand in helping to rehome.


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    Thought this was interesting

    The Queensland government has a 22-point identification system that consists of 22 descriptions of a Pit Bull and a rating system of one to three. So, for example, Point Nine is ‘The dog’s eyes are round’. If you think the dog’s eyes are round you rate the dog at three and if not, you rate the dog at one.

    Endangered Dog Breeds Australia (EDBA) demonstrated the flaw in the ID system when they applied it to Pat the Chihuahua. Out of a possible score of 66, Pat scored a total of 50 and, according to Queensland Animal Control Officers, Pat the Chihuahua "substantially meets the description of an American Pit Bull Terrier type"

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    The 22 Pointer was also discredited in court and numerous other is no longer used as viable evidence.

    Thank god.

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