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Thread: Toothless dog laws bite councils

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    Agree, Beloz.

    Here's my way out alternative: Actually enforce our existing laws. Have rangers on duty in the community throughout the day time AND after 6pm and before 9am!!! (OMG! ROCKET SCIENCE!!) And on weekends. Have them out and visible and active in known problem areas as a priority and moving their activity throughout their shire. Give those rangers access to free (but mandatory) training in understanding dog behaviour and reward them for activie participation.

    Give people a reason to register their dogs (I mean, seriously, what do we actually get for our registration $$ ???) and reward responsible owners. Its quite a lot like dog training, really!

    Have education programs for the community- including in schools for children about how to behave around dogs- and promote and support qualified people in presenting such programs (I am aware of a very highly respected trainer who has some "free" sessions for the public around dog ownership and the council in that person's area is actually blocking the use of a public facility to present those sessions!!).

    Argh. I'm preaching to the converted, I know. But I also know that the revenue gained from actively policing current and existing laws would go a loooooong way towards paying for some of the changes I'm suggesting.

    Anyone interested can google "Calgary Model" to see an alternative to BSL that, whilst not completely perfect, really has shown some outstanding outcomes.

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    I guess if you think about it, 90% or more, of our laws are engineered to apply after the act - drink and drive and the law gets you, shoot someone and the law gets you, steal and the law gets you, fail to register your dog and the law gets you - so I see little difference in having legislation that applies after someone is irresponsible enough to allow his dog to bite someone.

    Penalties themselves are not a guarantee, I understand that. You only need to see the stats on how many people drive unregistered vehicles, or drive unlicenced or whilst suspended, but if you look at the penalties these cases attract then this class of person will continue to drive unlicenced - because the sentence is not prohibitive enough. It will also show that most of these unlicenced drivers drove because they had little choice. There was no public transport near them, or they were sole care giver and needed to go to the pharmacy - whatever.

    A little different with dog ownership. You do not need to own a dog. It is not a work tool. Owning a dog is a personal choice and with that we hope comes the responsibility to do the right thing by the dog. If you fail in that responsibility then the penalties have to be real and painfull.
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