View Poll Results: What should happen to Pit Bull's?

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  • Treated like every other dog

    13 39.39%
  • Owners should pass some kind of test or course before owning one

    19 57.58%
  • Destroyed

    1 3.03%
  • Laws stay how they are

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Thread: I am new here but very passionate about Pit Bulls and how they are treated

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    I am in two minds with the poll. Firstly, if we were in a perfect world, all owners would be assessed before owning any dog to determine the right breed/temperament for them, hence they should be "treated like every other dog". This way they would get a dog matching their lifestyle and would be less likely to drop it at the pound.

    Secondly, owners should pass some kind of test before owning one. Not just because the are a strong breed but mainly a test to ensure they aren't part of the dog fighting ring. I know this is probably impossible to check for, but I feel that people with prior criminal convictions relating to aggression or abuse should not be allowed to own one, as it may be more likely that are in that circle of people. Just a thought, no evidence to back it up.

    I personally think owners should pass a short course on owning a dog before ever getting one, but again, just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavalierqld View Post
    Hey Ricey, Im sure Hobbes is a darling and im sure we need more pics???

    there are a few piccies on this thread

    but Hobbes is getting old now and he is a bit grey around the muzzle.



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    Love the video gamer-chic94 and I agree they make great family pets.

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