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  • Treated like every other dog

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  • Owners should pass some kind of test or course before owning one

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  • Destroyed

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Thread: I am new here but very passionate about Pit Bulls and how they are treated

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    I also voted to have a test for ownership and like many others have said - not just for pitbulls. All breeds with the right owners can be amazing lovely dogs, but with bad owners, the consequences will be worse with some breeds. I love dobermans personally, and nothing upsets me more than seeing a doberman in the hands of an idiot who tries to tell me that when his dog attacks every person and dog walking down the street it's just being protective. I have seen a doberman bite his owner and the owner's response? He thought his dog needed a hug. If there was a test to weed these people out of powerful breed ownership, the people, the community and the breeds themselves would be the better for it.

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    I voted "Owners should pass some kind of test or course before owning one" And this should apply
    to all dog owners/breeds. Why? end of the day your pet is your family.

    Anyway APBT should be treated as any other dogs like the AST.

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    For me the vote is "treated like every other dog" which is what I work towards everyday.

    But in saying that,I also agree in some form of license to be able to own any breed of dog. In some cases any other pet , hell in some cases to be able to procreate.

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    sorry for the stupid question but what does BSL and AST stand for?

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    bsl = breed specific legislation
    ast = american staffordshire terrier

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    oh okay thanks for that!

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    Pit bulls are just another dog breed.

    They are no harder or no easier to own than any other dog breed.

    There should be no rules for Pit Bull owners over and above the rules for any other dog breed owner.

    I own a Pit Bull, and I'd love to think that my dog was special, but really, he is just another dog.

    I make sure that Hobbes is an ambassador for his breed. I walk him on a short lead and I don't the other dogs rile him. He sniffs the arses of the neighbourhood pomeranians, they sniff his, and everything is fine.

    If I was a thug, and I wanted a thug's dog, Hobbes would be a good candidate. But I am not a thug, and so Hobbes is just a gentle giant of a dog. Hobbes is the only one of my three dogs that I'd let my grandson play with. No way I'd let my grandson play with my kelpie/dingo cross, or my maltese/Shih Tsu cross. Pit Bulls were called the nanny dog; the dog it was safe to let your child play with. It is sad that the public perception of Pit Bulls has changed, but they are still the same dog. Nothing has changed. Pit Bulls are still the best ever dogs.

    You want a dog? You want a really good dog? You want the best ever dog? Then you want a pit bull; no other dog comes anywhere close. Pit bulls are the only dog breed that has been selectively bred to be totally human friendly.


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    Welcome gamer chick. I voted 'treated like every other dog' because any dog can turn out to be aggressive. It has nothing to do with the dog, it has to do with the owner, their purpose for having the dog, what they understand about the breed, how the owner treats the dog, and the dog's personal history.

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    I voted license.

    Breed does and should come into it in my opinion. Some breeds need more experienced and responsible owners than other breeds and I think it would be silly to say all dogs are the same, they are not.

    I think youd be pretty hard pressed to get a vicious cav (as an example), even if the owner had no idea. I am sure someone here has met one and will prove me wrong but it is the only breed I could think of right now.

    Any large powerful breed, that ha the potential to cause damage, should need a licensed owner. Any small breed that needs a firm hand to stop it from getting abit nasty, needs a licensed owner.

    Obviously you cant apply licenses to just certain breeds so it should therefore apply across the board, but to say a pitbull is just another dog is wrong. They are not JUST another dog. They are Pitbulls, a breed of their own with their own special requirements in regards to love/training/exercise/whatever, like all other breeds.

    Someone is bound to read this the wrong way so for that person, I love pitties and I am anti BSL. I love all dogs, I think they all deserve to be loved and to love. I am just saying that breed does still need to be taken into consideration when considering temperament and all that rubbish

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    I agree with Lala 100%

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