Malcolm Gladwell - "A doctor could, with some statistical support, generalize about men of a certain age and weight [when they tell overweight middle-aged men to get their cholesterol checked]. But what if generalizing from other traits-such as high blood pressure, family history, and smoking-saved more lives? Behind each generalization is a choice of what factors to leave in and what factors to leave out..."

I strongly recommend reading the entire article. It has a lot of great points.

gladwell dot com - troublemakers

You can't deny that some Pit Bulls attack. You can't deny that some Pit Bulls are involved in very serious attacks (even if some of the breed ID's are wrong, some of them are right). So, making a generalisation about breed (i.e. Pit Bull) will have some impact on bite reductions by that breed (either by increased confinement or euthanasia - when you reduce the breed population the bite count by that breed will go down as well).

But what if generalising by other traits-such as prior history of aggression, lack of socialising / training, aggressive owners-prevented more injuries? This is the point that we are trying to make, I guess. Breed Neutral legislation that focuses on more accurate generalisations will have a better impact on public safety than focusing on one breed and ultimately wasting time and money, unjustly focusing on well behaved family pets. That time and money CAN and SHOULD be spent effectively. Breed Neutral laws will still cover those Pit Bulls that pose a risk. I get the feeling that some people think that if there's no BSL we are advocating that ALL Pit Bulls should be left alone. That's not what we are saying, we're saying "stop punishing responsible owners with sound dogs, and focus on irresponsible owners with unsound dogs-regardless of breed (or type)".

The government doesn't always make decisions based on popular opinion (carbon tax comes to mind) and public opinion isn't always right (the world, as it turns out, is round-not flat). Isn't it the government's job to tell us when we're wrong instead of bowing down to public pressure (which I think is actually coming from a noisy minority based on some other studies I've reviewed about the public's perception of pit bulls).

I'm sure you've all seen by now the report commissioned by the NSW government which states quite clearly that BSL doesn't work, but in case you haven't...

here it is...

AND they've had this report since 2002!

Don't forget, most dogs don't bite. Only some do.

Happy reading and good night (I have to work tomorrow and I should have been in bed hours ago)