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Thread: Sorry but It Has to Be Put Here Again.

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    Default Sorry but It Has to Be Put Here Again.

    Such is Life
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    Its very sad, I feel sorry for the owner of the staffy. Plus the staffy, how scared that poor thing would have been.

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    Very sad poor Staffy who is now dead and the poor owner.

    It just highlights the fact that Council Rangers are already stretched too thin and cannot follow up on everything, but the council is putting more pressure on them by adding new laws which comes with more expectations for the rangers.

    I wish people would learn to contain their dogs properly.

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    So these killer pitbulls (how do we know they really were pitbulls?) not already confiscated despite the new BSL laws in Victoria?

    So that's working well then.

    - the dogs were known to menace the neighbours and their dog through the fence.
    - they were known to get out.
    - they were known as "pitbulls"

    Did the Staffy owner actually notify the council of the problem?

    And this would be yet another reason why my dog is inside my house when I'm out.

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    Default Man Injured Trying to Rescue His Pet Dog from Savage Mauling

    I just saw this on the news earlier and decided to read more about it online. So far it is being speculated that the three dogs responsible are pitbulls but no proof has been provided. I think it's unfair that pitbulls are being blamed immediately without an investigation and any proof. Please share your thoughts about this incident people.

    Man injured trying to rescue his pet dog from savage mauling |

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    There is already another thread on this.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I can merge... where's the link to it?

    found it

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    If people cant be arsed containing dogs and making damn sure there yard is as secure as fort knox this can be the consequence. Over and over again ad infinitum.
    Just a reality. Contained and managed correctly no problem will arise,even if they are the meanest or gamest or crankiest cur on the block.
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    Such is Life
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    This is all a bit sad; the staffy is dead, the supposed "pit bull" is going to be dead, and Mr Di Vita has suffered "minor injuries" to his shoulder. If I had been bitten on the shoulder by a real American Pit Bull Terrier, I would have expected to at least have a couple of bruises or some puncture wounds.

    Mr Di Vita "feared for his life" but fortunately did not spill one drop of his blood. The term "woose bag" springs to mind.

    However, all jibes at Mr Di Vita aside, I do have some sympathy for his position and circumstances. Nobody deserves to have their dog killed by the dog next door.

    I am totally pissed off with dog owners who don't do a good job of containing their dogs. From reading the scanty information available about this scenario, it seems that neither Mr Di Vita or his next door neighbour did an adequate job of maintaining their fences or containing their dogs.

    I have owned an American Pit Bull Terrier for 9 years now that does not bear foolish dogs well , but he has never injured, let alone killed, another dog. My Hobbes gets along fine with dogs that he has been properly introduced to, and shares his bedding with a Maltese/Shih Tsu/Silky cross and a kelpie/dingo/corgi/ferret cross.

    Sheesh! If Hobbes seriously bit someone on the shoulder, many bones would be broken and much blood would be shed. I have seen Hobbes crack a cow thigh bone with one bite. But Hobbes has never bitten a human and is so unlikely to ever bite a human.

    Hobbes (although I know nothing about his breeding) is everything a well bred pit bull should be. Totally reliable with children; calm, trainable, submissive, but athletic and irrepressible.

    Yeah, American Pit Bull Terriers; anything else is just a dog.


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