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Thread: How Many Dogs Do You Know Which Will Fit the Victorian APBT Description?

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    Not Mine I rekon pretty much any bull breed crossed with a Lab or a ridgeback look like pitty's to me lol

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    the original question was "how many dogs do you know that fit the Victorian APBT description?"

    My answer is "most dogs"

    My pit bull terrier Hobbes is obviously one of their targeted dogs, but my dingo/corgi/lab/kelpie cross Lizzie also fits the description.

    The only one of my three dogs that would escape their definition is Lulu, my Maltese/Shih Tsu/silkie cross. And Lulu is the only one of my dogs that I'd consider likely to bite a human.

    Me, I make sure that none of my dogs bites a human. But when I'm walking Hobbes and Lulu, people and their kids just want to hug and kiss Lulu. They are a bit scared of Hobbes. I have a 6 year old grandson, and Hobbes the pit bull is the only one of my dogs I let him play with. Hobbes is calm, predictable, tolerant and reliable with children. These are the characteristics that pit bulls are known for.

    These pit bulls are some of the best dogs that humans have accidentally bred. I am fond of most dog breeds, but I love pit bull terriers.


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    Just go to the rescue and pound websites on here. I recon 8 out of 10 dogs fit the description. All those staff *, bull arabs etc will have to be destroyed. Comes to another question the no kill shelters will be forced to kill most of their dogs.

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