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Thread: Regarding BSL

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    Default Regarding BSL

    I realise that not everyone shares my point of view.

    For those who do support BSL & it's rammifications I would suggest that you read "The Pit Bull Placebo".

    While championing your cause perhaps it is best to see all of the information from both sides.


    This is also for those who are against BSL, as the information is relevant to both sides.

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    It's a good book, fatal dog attacks by KD is also great.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    I'm halfway through it for the second time, it's well worth it.

    For kindle users, I can email you a kindle format version

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    Another awesome book I liked was.. 'Dogs bite, but balloons and slippers are more dangerous'.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    That one sounds interesting.. balloons and slippers ey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    That one sounds interesting.. balloons and slippers ey?
    slipper hurt more when dad used it over a dog bite/nip. at least i could sit down after a bite!

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    Basically a tretise of Pro/Pitbulls or American Staffordshire Bull Terriers or American Bulldogs or St. Francis Terriers or New Yorkies or whatever propaganda. Runs the usual defenses of
    Other breeds bite and kill.
    You can't identify them reliably.
    Blame the deed not the breed.
    It's all a media conspiracy.

    Even the forward is chock full of those stories designed and written to appeal to the emotions.
    No stories of a child's courageous fightback from the horrific injuries suffered from a pitbull attack.

    Just look at this stuff excerpted from the book:
    We—the silent, the abused, the forgotten, the exiled, and the forsaken—wish there was a
    way to express our gratitude to our stalwart defender, Jane Berkey. After decades of abuse
    at the hands of those we love most, few have come forth to recognize our continued devotion
    to “mankind.” Few have stood up and given voice to our suffering—few have fought
    so passionately in our defense.
    To our crusader, Jane Berkey, we, the Pit bulls, thank you.

    Pitbulls are painted as the downtrodden victims and innocents of evil BSL crusaders.
    The book never really gets to the issue of why the breed is so overrepresented in attacks and fatalities.
    Oh, and here's the killer, I did an image search on Karen Delise and here is what I came up with.
    Her with her arm around a, guess what sort of dog, it can't be can it, a Pitbull. Who would have thought it?
    Pro Pitbull propaganda written by someone with a Pittbull.
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    I thought " this website looks bogus " Further investigation showed an interview with none other than Bill Bruce, Mr. Calgary himself, The person and city that Pitbull owner/enthusiasts hold up in high esteem and as their, poor as I have shown, Shining light example of how Pitbulls can be integrated into a community.
    The Video interveiws are engineered to support the usual rubbish trotted out by Pitbull apologists The Web Site is not so obvious about it but things like " The Pitbull Placebo" being one of the only publications raised my neck hairs so I thought I'd do some digging. The domain is has a technical contact of So I went to Animal Farm Foundation Home and you never what I found. A picture of a Pitbull with some elderly people and an Amy Marder quote [she is held up as some impartial authority]
    What a Sham and an example of the honesty and integrity of some parts of the pro Pitbull community. I sent en email to Gabriel Meyer. Lets see what he says.
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    why the breed is so overrepresented in attacks and fatalities
    But this is not true. You could substitute Rottweiler or GSD 40 or 30 years ago and have the exact same media beat up.

    Dogs are not the problem. Its the humans and humans who want killer attack dogs - don't care what breed they use. Ie getting rid of pitbulls won't stop the bad humans doing bad things with their dogs (or guns or cars or drugs or baseball bats).

    Why children die in OZ - dogs don't even rate a mention.
    4102.0 - Australian Social Trends, 1996

    What are you doing to stop strokes and car accidents killing children? You will save more children this way than you will by banning scary dogs.

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    Actually that picture of Karen Delise doesn't look like a Pitbull if anything it looks like a Boxer or Boxer X.

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